On Monolog


Finally, I had a chance to visit this coffee shop, Monolog, which is located on Plaza Senayan. Well I used to be curious every time I passed this coffee shop. The style is very unique. Woody and warm. And when I killed the time before going to the cinema, my hubby and I, decided to go there.

Once entering the coffee shop, the waitress greeted me warmly. I could see his enthusiasm. We chose to sit at the terrace of the coffee while watching people passing by. The concept of Monolog resembles coffee shops in Melbourne. Many coffee shops in Melbourne are located precisely by the street, so visitors sit near with the hustle bustle of street.

I ordered the signature beverage of Monolog. Iced Orange Caramel Latte. It tasted so nice. I could taste the flavor of orange blended subtly with the coffee latte. Ogi, my hubby ordered hot choco praline (I forgot what its name exactly, but pretty sure that it was praline chocolate). The hot choco praline is a must-try for you who love chocolate. Not too sweet with a nice combination of bitterness along the sip.

The place was very clean. The waitresses were always responsive and helpful. Once I ordered additional tissue, they quickly got one for me. As this place attracts many people in the weekend, so I suggest you to enjoy it in the weekdays. As like what I did before, I came in the weekend and barely empty chairs there.


Iced Orange Coffee Latte : IDR 36K
Hot Choco: IDR 31K

Plaza Senayan CP 101B
Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta 10270

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