Motivating Children through Story Telling

with putri soehendro

I was moved by the presentation of Putri Soehendro, a professional story teller, @poetrisoehendro in the fun story telling event held by The Urban Mama at Fimelafest. She stated that nowadays most parent want their children to be an excellent straight A student. They send their children to the expensive school with two or three different languages. But it’s not enough. Children are given additional courses such as kumon and many more. Once parents have a plan to make the children as an excellent student, they forget that they never gave them a motivation. They missed the 1-5 year old moment and never told any stories which brought a good motivation. That 1-5 year old range is the golden moment must be known by most of us. When children pass the 1-5 year old range, they will be much harder to be motivated. Then it’s not surprising seeing a demotivated child in midst of courses and activities. One of the causes as they have no motivation.

According to Putri Soehendro  parents should use the golden age of children to inject as many as possible spirits, good virtues and values that can boost motivation to the children. Therefore, don’t waste the time. Stimulate our children’s brain with games, story, colors and voice so it will develop to its maximumly.

Story telling is something fun. Most children love it. Moreover if the we deliver the story in a funny and interesting way. That’s why parents, in my opinion should master this skill. And as parents we should not be bored telling the story for our loved ones. Why? Because through story we can insert values and good virtues to our children in a lovable way. They will have full motivation to enter the next steps of their life.

Then, what should be paid attention before telling a story to our children? Here are some clues:

  1. Give a short, brief and clear story. Bear in mind that children have a short concentration time. For example, your 1 year old toddler can only focus for about 1 minute. Your 2 years old daughter’s focus time is only 2 minutes. You can find google more about this focus/concentration time. Therefore, long story will disinterest them.
  2. Deliver the story with a fun mimic, different variety of voice (high pitch, low pitch). If you have puppet show, it will be much better. Story telling will be much fun.
  3. For the under-6 children, avoid mystique and miracle content such as story of Lorojonggrang and Tangkuban Perahu. And do you still remember the story of si Kancil. It’s not a good story anyway. Why? Because it figures the kancil, the main star, as a thief who steals cucumber. The main stars of the story must be the honest, the responsible and kind ones. So children can learn the good values from them.
  4. Create your own story. Why? Because children love the story from their parents as it will be unique and different from those at school, play-group or books. Putri Soehendro said that the idea of the story is available on many sites. Just give some times to look on it and modify it based on your children’s age.

As I learned from my story telling activity from my son, it also made my son ate all of his meals. I often inserted one or two short stories while he was eating. The theme was around the vegetable, or fish or meat on his plate. It’s very fun anyway.

So parents, why don’t you try it now??



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