7 Stages of Marriage

Enduring married life is nice and fun so far. That’s what I said to a Singaporean colleague several days ago when He came to my office. Yeah it is. So far, I haven’t met the so-called hell of marriage with my hubby. But hey, I am not that naive coz I know anytime soon, such things will intervene in our happy life.

Referring to what elaborated in book 7 stages of Marriage, the phase where my husband and I are now is called Passion. In this phase couple often finds romance and intense attraction between them which lead to commitment. This is also said as honeymoon phase.

Further to the passion phase is realisation phase.Well, this phase is marked with disappointment and conflict. In such unavoidable phase, couple can lay groundwork for a long future hand in hand.

Marriage life is about sharing ( I ever wrote about this, remember???). The collision between self interest and shared interest often found in this phase, Rebellion. Expert says that knowing the difference bteween a destructive desire to flee and a healthy need to be your true self will be important passing this phase.

After three stages before-stated, there it goes the cooperation phase where marriage means building career, managing money and household or raising children.Watchout!! This phase can be rocky.

Reunion phase is when all children grow up and couple as parents can enjoy their time together, endure their quality of time. Remembering the nice memories when just guet married, I bet:D.

Job loss, deteriorating illness or death can happen in the explosion phase. Couples are challenged if their marriage is a source of solace or sorely tried by new roles, limitation and fears.

After going through the rocky path, experiencing agony and celebrating joy together, couples arrive to a phase where they know they have bigger understanding and better pay-off in the process of two becoming one. This is where blissfull moments are very near and this is what you call Completion.

So, in what stage are you now?? Let’s put endeavour to win our future ahead!!

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11 thoughts on “7 Stages of Marriage

  1. passion…
    it may wonderful, unforgetable, or keep on waiting of the time (especially for me :( )
    but marriage is about share life together
    so there’re olwez happy happy and happy

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