A Place Called Home

Ever since I live apart from my family, going home is my favorite activity, especially when it comes to ramadhan then continues to Eidl Fitr. In Eidl Fitr, everything turns more special as all of familiy members gather and it’s the moment when we can meet each other and forgive each other. Being at home with family is a priceless moment, especially for me. I am used to live apart from my family since several years a go. I live at Jakarta, my mum is signed at Cirebon, previously at Semarang, and my dad is at Bandung, before he’s at Yogyakarta. My grandma and my younger brother stay at Yogya. Thus, I couldn’t say there’s anything more precious than having them near with me. I am more than sure that it’s also why poeple do “mudik” every year.

A missing feeling of a place to call home. It’s the ground of that action. Mudik isn’t merely a ritual or an activity done year by year. It’s a time when poeple going home and finding their true life after going to the battlehill, earning cent by cent to survive life. City is the place where they look for material, and going home is their sanctuary where they find the divine spirit.

It also drives people more than willing to stand in queue for hours to get ticket. It’s also why people put their life at risk by clinging only to a part of locomotive(which is very far from safe). And it’s also why people don’t mind drowned in crowd of economy-class passengers or sleep at train station, wishing they can get one or two available seats the day after. Every body just wants to be home.

My dad didn’t mind at all to drive from Cirebon since the 5 AM until 4 PM to arrive safely at Jogja. Though he knew i took much longer than usual trip. Neither did my Mum. As for me, I never counted the price I should pay for seeing them at our lovely home. I could meet my family and my new family, accordingly my husband and his big family.

We’re united at one, at place called home.

And they are too….people who miss their home badly:)

ps: for us who are in struggle to build our own home- sweet-home:). Jiayou!!!

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