A Try in Night

Last night I went to Gambir to buy a bus ticket to Lampung and a train ticket to Jogja. I am going to go to Lampung this weekend as my best friend will hold her marriage there. Next month, I will go home to Jogja for holidayJ.

Having bought those tickets, I was interested to try the new route of busway. Then, I waited the busway in passing in Gambir shelter. Ooppsss…it was full of people. Yet, I kept taking that bus. After that, the bus stopped in Harmoni shelter where the last destination is as well. To be able to reach my boarding house in Mampang, I had to take Kota-Blok M route, and then stopped in Dukuh Atas shelter, where then I should walk on the bridge functioning as connection between one shelter and other shelter. Around that time, many people went home as the business hour ended. As busway now becomes a much safer and comfortable transportation mode, most of people prefer taking it. I was trapped in Dukuh Atas shelter, in among people who were rushed to get home as well. After 20-minute waiting, the busway came along to load us.

Would I get home soon? Not yet, because I had to change to another bus in Halimun shelter!! Meanwhile the distance between Dukuh Atas and Halimun turned out isn’t far. However, I should not be out from the shelter. Other wise, I had to pay 3500 again for entering the shelter. Halimun shelter can be said as a transit shelter as well for passengers who want to take Kuningan-Ragunan route. One more route to take to arrive right in front my boarding house complex, accordingly Kuningan-Ragunan route. Luckily, it wasn’t as full as the previous routes I took. But still, I couldn’t get a seat. I took about fifteen minute to arrive in Hero shelter. Hero Shelter is situated right in near my boarding house. Finally, 8;20 pm, I was in house peacefully. Nice tryJ

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