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Everybody knows what mothers in the world go through when they deliver baby. More or less nine months before, mothers struggle to raise the baby in their comfortable womb, feeding them through nutritious food. Once delivering us to the world, it isn’t painless. It’s believed they are close with the death. However, my mum said that her hurt gone when seeing the little baby close to hear and feeling my heartbeat.

The story of a mother then goes to nurturing the sweet little baby. Children are always nice when they below five. “See when they grow up after five. They can turn to little rascals who provoke your emotion.” It’s my mum’s confession. Is what she said an “empirical-based experience” when she faced the naughty me and my younger bro??…Hhmmm could be:D

No matter how the children can grow as “b*****d, mum will always their savior. Their lovely-caring nature is an oasis where we can always rest. For their children’s sake, they become unbelievable heroine. In my home at Jogja, we employ a local as helper. Her name is Lik Sus. She’s a widow with two, the youngest one is at third grade, elementary school. Lik Sus said to my grandma that she always supplies one egg for her children at least once a day. For that, she’s more than willing to eat only with sambel (chili sauce). She wants her children get nutritious food. In the mid day, she picks her youngest with bicycle from school, regardless the hot sun exposure.

A story of Woo Kap Sun who never stops encouraging and being extraordinary companion of her daughter maybe inspiring for us. Her children, Hee Ah Lee, was born with congenital deformity. Since the very beginning, Woo Kap Sun rejected the idea of giving her baby to orphanage. Instead, she took care of her baby with love. She poured care and passion to the little daughter. Ah Lee, for her, is magnificent gift God gives to her. When Ah Lee went six, Kap Sun taught her to play piano. It took extra patience to teach a daughter who only has two fingers at each hand. Kap Sun’s patience is fruitful. Ah Lee becomes a pianist with a great performance. She’s now a famous-talented pianist with world-class quality. What can Kap Sun say more other than thanking God for giving such gift?

There are lot of story about great mothers, and I am sure you have your own story. A mum….an angel God sends to the world.


Dedicated to my lovely mother who celebrates her birthday on Oct 12, 2008. I love u always Mum:-*

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