Achievement in January

Woww….January almost ends. I still feel the energy and optimism to go on another months coming. Hopefully they will be increasing and increasing until the end of the year.

This January is so special for me. There are several reasons why.

First, I could accomplish my first speech at Jakarta Toastmaster Club. It took some times to deliver the speech since I joined the club at the end of 2010. Joining this club is something I am always excited. The atmosphere is so positive. The member? Don’t ask. They are very energetic and I learn a lot from them. The way how senior members deliver their speech in English smoothly really provokes me to improve my public speaking skill. Now I am about to deliver my second project. I am so excited!

Second, my lovely sunshine, Avicena a.k.a Supercun celebrated his first birthday. I am super mommy who’s very proud with my motherhood. The child really completes my happiness. Following my resignation from Telkomsel last September, I can do many things. I cook, try new recipe, go to gym, read more books, and of course play with Cena. He’s a warmhearted boy I adore. I love him so much. And being with him time by time is my ultimate achievement.

Third, after experiencing kinda dis-confidentĀ  situation my English skill, I finally regain my confidence back. I got satisfying score in my last IELTS test. With the score, I can be categorized as a good user. Yippieee

I look forward to accomplishing many things in February. Will keep you posted!

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