After Two Years

15 May, two years ago, I joined officially with Telkomsel.

How do I feel after two-year working? So far, I’m satisfied with my work here. I thought it would be a completely different world for me.

It is, as I jumped into telecommunication field, a new one for me. Just give you a simple reminiscence when I was clueless about the terms tow years ago. HLR, VLR, TAP IN , TAP Out, just few to mention.

It isn’t as what I learned at the college is useful. Picking here and there from Diplomacy course, Strategy course or Negotiation and Conflict Resolution course, I think that I am enough” equipped” to forge my work here.

A senior colleague tells me that in many occasions, we should be a “diplomat” representing Telkomsel. In several meetings and conferences, I become the ambassador forĀ  my company in front of foreign operators. It’s nice and I love it.

And since a month ago, I have been assigned as the new coordinator of new fields which of course requires more efforts and dedication. I am excited, as a younger I love to have more challenges as it will be very helpful to sharpen my skill (hey..can I still consider myself as a younger if within a days I will be 25 years old?!?!?)

Today, it’s been two years and it means that I will have salary increment. Alhamdulillah:)

11 thoughts on “After Two Years

  1. masa sih???
    pengalaman mo ketemuan ma wipi ya…

    let’s see..
    kita bisa ketemuan ga..
    ato…thea lg sibuk hunting rumah nih…;)

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