Apple-Pie-Baking Mummy

This September isn’t like typical previous September. For me it’s special, a month when I am officially quitting from my job at one of cellular company in Indonesia. My decision shocked many people, starting from my manager, my GM, my colleagues and of course, my parents. Well, frankly speaking, it wasn’t an easy decision. Not a few say that I must be crazy letting go this job, which every body pursues. However, this is a firm decision.

I had considered many things before coming to this point, ever since I was pregnant. My wish to stay at home with the kid and run the job from home is very compelling.  Having discussed with my hubby, I decided to resign and proposed my resignation letter to my manager on July. She was surprised and offered me an unpaid leave just in case I wanted to join the company again. However, I declined it.

For me this is not a regretful decision. On the contrary, this is a liberating one. I am just lucky that I am dare to take this step. Quitting a settled job is hard, you know. However, I believe I will get the pay-off. Being closer to Avicena, my son, is the ultimate thing. While nursing the kid, I can focus to my new business (pssstt….I am a newbie of entrepreneur now) and sharpen my other skills. For the later I manage to take some short courses.

To sum up, I’d like to quote what Michelle Obama said about her decision…..

The career doesn’t define me. What I am doing defines me. I am a mother and wife

May Allah show his ways and makes everything easy for me:)

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