Appreciating Others

We never realize the importance of somebody until he or she isn’t around.

I learn an important thing today.

This morning, my office held a halal bihalal. The occasion was on our ballroom which is located in the same floor as my cubicle. The ballroom is usually used for workshops, seminars, meeting, and other occasion attended by many employees. The busiest persons when such occasion comes are our office boys or OB. There are four OBs in my floor. They have to manage the time efficiently between preparing the ballroom and dong clerical job which is their routines. Preparing the ballroom isn’t a piece of cake. Why? Because they have to arrange chairs, move the tables, prepare the sound systems, up to check the lighting. And after the occasion, the OBs have to rearrange the room like it’s used to be, clean up the table, or vacuums the floor.

In addition, they also must do their clerical jobs such as delivering letters or documents from employees of our floor to other floors. Preparing water in the morning is one of their day-to-day to do list besides cleaning up the bin. And not to forget, we often ask their assistance to buy gorengan or lunch when we are bored with the meals in the pantry. To sum up, the OBS in our floor are the busiest among the OBs in other floors.

When I was back to the office last Thursday, there was only one stand-by OB. I knew how hard it was because he had to do many things including doing his friends’ duty. I feel very guilty as I was often lack of patience when one of OBs I called didn’t show up. Regardless the importance of document that must be delivered to other departments, my OBs also had important job they had to do.

Just like this afternoon, my OBs worked together to clean up the mess in the ballroom. They wiped the litter, which was made by the employees with no guilty. If just they aren’t around, I can’t imagine how dirty it will be.

Lesson-learned: No matter one’s position, we have to appreciate it as it also contributes to the existence of our company.

2 thoughts on “Appreciating Others

  1. Setiap orang punya perannya masing2….Tidak bisa melakukan semua hal sendiri, krn itu butuh orang lain. Apalagi kalau orang tersebut bekerja dengan energi semangat yg sungguh-sungguh. Indahnya hidup mungkin seperti itu…you can’t live without others…

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