Bakmi Pele

My coming to Bakmi Pele isn’t only about eating. For me it’s also about enjoying the heart of Jogja, in the night nuance, feeling the breeze whispering near my ears.

Bakmi Pele, located in the north alun-alun Jogjakarta, is one of the culinary places that you must visit once at Jogja. Recently, I’ve been always devoting my time to have a plate of fried noodle when I go home to Jogja. The fried noodle served there is Javanese style. We call it Bakmi Jowo. Using endog bebek (egg of duck) and ayam kampung, to my opinion, Bakmi Pele is the embodiment of original recipe of noodle. I always love noodle, Bakmi Pele is one of my fave.

If I may suggest you, try to sit with lesehan style, instead of on chair. There, you can sit while overlooking the large field, known as Alun-alun. Then, order a glass of hot tea or wedang ronde and take your time while you can, before a portion of fried noodle coming in front of you.

The last time I went there, I took it not as the ritual of ordinary eating, instead of commemoration of my being in that lovable city. And for you who has a chance to spend moment there, please enjoy the noodle, your time at Jogja, while seeing the slight buzzing of the city. And for me, it’s always nice.

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