Bali Culinary Treasure

Bali is a word equivalent to holiday…sun…leisure and good food. I think I have visited Bali for about ten times however I never feel satiable of it. I want to go there again and again. Just like what I did last month. My hubby and I visited Bali once again. As we already visited almost all tourism sites in Bali, then we focused our last visit to enjoy the culinary treasures of The Island of Gods. Here I’d like to share some foods that you might try upon visiting this heavenly island.

Warung Sop Ikan Makbeng

Warung Sop Ikan Makbeng is one of “legendary” food in Bali. It’s located in Sanur Beach area. The look of the warung is simple. It’s small yet packed with tables and chairs. I think it can accomodate more than 50 seats at once. On the wall, we found out Indonesian artists on frame. Apparently, the warung has gained popularity among them.

                          sop ikan makbeng

Then I ordered two portion of the sop ikan. 10 minutes later the waitress came with two bowls of sop ikan, two plates of fried fish and two plates of steamed rice. Before my eyes was served the famous sop ikan Makbeng. It contained of big chunk of fish (I guess it’s snapper) and many chunks of cucumber. The broth was yellowish, neither too thick nor too light. Straightly I tasted the sop. Hmmm…savory and a hint of sour blended nicely. it reminded me of sayur asem banjar,  that my mom’s used to cook. Yet, this sop ikan makbeng doesn’t taste as sour as sayur asem banjar does. A big slice of friend fish was served as sop’s companion. The flesh of fish was still moist. I dipped the fried fish with the sambal (traditional chili sauce) and sweet soya sauce. It was heaven. Yummy. Warm steamed-rice, savory-sour sop and a big chunk of fried fish as well as the sambal were a deadly combination.  I ate a lot and suddenly didn’t care how much calorie I gained that day:)

Warung Ikan Bakar Mami

I should thank Pak Bondan, an Indonesia culinary enthusiast for reviewing this simple warung in his blog. Warung Ikan Bakar Mami is another must-visit warung in Bali. It is located in Jalan Uluwatu II/30 X. What warung mami serves is grilled sea fish which is mostly found and sold in touristic area of Jimbaran. The difference is what will you get here is the grilled fish with the same excellent quality as those served in Jimbaran but with a very reasonable price. Pak Bondan says “Harga Jujur”. No excessive mark-up. Customers happy, seller happy.

the grilled fish

I found no difficulty once looking for this warung. Faithfully following the direction written in Pak Bondan’s blog, we could spot this warung from the smoke of the griller. I ordered a portion of grilled fish and a portion of grilled shell directly to Pak Putu, the owner cum chef of warung mami. He opened a box of fresh fish. There were ikan kakap a.k.a snapper and ikan tresi.  I asked Pak Putu what was the difference of those fishes. “If you want the firm fish, choose kakap. Tresi has soft flesh”. As I ever ate kakap, then I decided to choose ikan tresi. Hhmmm….I couldnt wait the soft-fleshed fish served before me.

the grilled shell

We sat on the plastic chair. There was no essential ornament in this warung. Only a picture on Pak Putu and Pak Bondan on the wall. For beverage, there was a cool box with some selections of chilled-bottled drinks. After 20 minutes of waiting, the grilled fish and grilled shell were delivered with the hot steamed rice. Ahhh the grilled fish with reddish ingredients which I really loved. I tasted the fish first. Mmm…suddenly fell in love from the first bite. The flesh of fish was very moist covered with bumbu basep and red chili at its best.


Besides the main dishes, condiments here were deserved another compliment. The condiments were plecing kangkung (boiled kangkoong with chili paste), two kinds of sambal (sweet soya sauce with chili and matah sambal), acar timun tomat (cucumber and tomato pickles) and the hittest one was fried garlic. I rarely found fried garlic served as condiment especially in sea food restaurant. It turned out that garlic fried was a deadly combination of grilled fish and steamed rice. I had to join Pak Bondan in agreement that all dishes served in Warung Mami deserved thumbs up.



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