Be Assertive of What You Want!!

Lately, I have been discussing with Ogi about my goals, my ideas, and my wishes. To be honest, it started from seeing several friends who successfully obtain scholarship abroad. One thing that I am dreaming for. Two years ago, before joining with Telkomsel, I was about to go to a university in Australia. However, I decided to work first and left the chance to further my study there.

After graduating from college, I worked voluntarily as a Communication Officer in an NGO in Jogja whose director was very kind to me. He has wide experience in NGO world and as a doctor he’s totally dedicated to his profession. I remember when he said to me that I had to further my study as soon as possible. He said if I chose to work first and if I knew how easy I earned money, then furthering study would seem grim for me. He’s right.

When a chance of studying came to me, I neglected it and preferred joining with a leading telecommunication company which promises a satisfying salary and benefit. A company which gives me chances to travel a lot and go abroad. And then I arrive to a certain point where I feel I couldn’t escape from this company. I never have gut to quit this nicely paid job.

Then I discussed a lot with Ogi who gave me a visionary enlightenment. Many wishes that I want to realize. Many dreams that I am keen to chase.

Make a list and prioritize your goal!!

That’s what he said.

A friend tried to open my eyes. She asserted the importance of a dream. When we successfully set our dream, then we couldn’t be confined by any barrier. Even things that seem hampering our efforts to get success, will be great challenges that would be fascinating to tame.

Now, I have set my next goal. The nearest one is about to come and I will be ready to catch others.

9 thoughts on “Be Assertive of What You Want!!

  1. So I found this site that if you need to get 20k scholarship then you should check it out…people basically see who is up for the scholarship then they vote on who they think deserves it.

  2. Always be passionate towards reaching your goals and develop a strategic partnership with other people as you may not be able to go alone.. This is no one-man show :D

    Last but not the least: Be nice to people on your way up as you will meet them on y our way down :D

    Seneng udh bisa mampir kesini, salam hangat dari Afrika Barat
    PS: Ohya, Warung yang lama ini akhirnya kembali di buka, setelah lama di tinggal mudik.

  3. @ domba garut…’s nice to have a guest like you. thanks anyway for the comment. yes, you’re right, how can we perform in an one-man show in this highly interependent world:).

  4. kalo goal mu pengen lancar yo yang pertama laksanakan sunah Rasul dulu yak, menikah dengan laki-laki yang kamu cintai saat ini. Nanti pasti Insya Allah semuanya bakal lancar dan sesuai dengan goal yang kamu cita-citakan two years yang lalu.

    ahhahaha, wes ketok tuo rung?

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