Being 25

It’s just like an ordinary day. No celebration, just messages and calls from parents, relatives and friends congratulating me for being 25 years old. Yes, I am 25 years old now.

Unlike last year, when I was at Jogja and convened some friends to have a simple lunch at my home, today, nothing’s special. I just woke late in the morning, spent almost half of the day hunting for home for me and Ogi. Then, both of us met Wimar and Mbak Atun at PIM, afterward as I promised to Ogi, we went to Caza Suki.

Being 25 and so what? What have I had so far? Reflecting back, I think I have so many things that I must thank God that I have.

I have a job. I can be self-sufficient. I can afford things my own.

I have a great parents. I have supportive family. Our family finally moves to a much better home sweet home. My family and I have no serious troubles with healthy. I was proposed by a really nice guy:)

I have travelled to places where I have never been before, witnessing how beautiful other cultures are.

I have abundant very nice friends. I could attend my best friends’ weddings. I could experience all of us processing to be a much better person and the most beautiful one is to be the part of their success and achievement.

Another year ahead to go through. I wish I can make it better. Processing makes perfect:)

written by thea, posted by ogi :p

12 thoughts on “Being 25

  1. congratulation dear..
    my friend told me that life begin at 25, then i think u will begin ur new life at 25 ;)
    U’ve got everything in ur life : a great job, nice moments during ur trip, ur sweetheart, n successful.
    May u have a wonderful life ahead

  2. @ Evie…iya, aku baru 25 lho (hehehe udah tua tapi masi bangga).
    Kan dulu temen2 satu angkatanku manggil aku dik Thea karena aku paling muda di angkatan 2000

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