Why time in Jogja ran so fast that taking five-day leave seemed very short for me? Once stepping down from the airplane, i took a deep breathe, relaxing my exhausted body after an-hour air journey.  

Then, what did i do? Having taken my luggage at home, shortly i went to Gudeg seller in Janturan. Ignoring the chilling wind, i cruised its amazing night. It remains same for me. Gudeg seller are scattered along the street. Jogja is still a beautiful city, especially in the night. I like the glimmering lights of Jogja, though in Jakarta i often see such thing. 

Spending almost six years in Jogja, it was very hard fot me once i had to leave this city. Hence last week, I took my time enjoying every corner of Jogja in five days. I visited interesting spots, i met my old friends, i spared my time with my mom and dad, and i spent my time with my close friend.

I should take a longer leave next year as i haven’t been even satisfied with my last time being in Jogja. Hhmmmm, i still have unvisited itineraries. Let me short them out….Siung beach, Melting Pot, Sate Karang (hhhmm food is my passion), and many more.

I schedule to visit Jogja on the third week of November and of course in last December, when i manage to spend new year eve with my family and my close friends. The later will be longer than the former and i convince will be more interesting as well. Surely, i can’t hardly wait……

I love Jogja….very much:)


2 thoughts on “Jogja

  1. > Siung beach, Melting Pot, Sate Karang (hhhmm food is my
    > passion), and many more.

    yang non food cuman siung beach aja. Melting pot, sate karang, “many more” ==> makanan semua.

    hehe, cocok deh.

    kapan ke jogja lagiiiii…

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