Big Things Starts with the Small One

Big thing starts with the small one

That wisdom really relates to my personal experiences. I have been living in this world and I still have a faith that I need to work hard to get something.  If people see my life runs so smooth, I assume I must be very expert revealing my bright sides. They may not know that I am friend of hardships. So many hardships that I’ve ever met and they make me unbreakable. People may try to hit me, but I always stay strong both in attitude and mind.

My mother teaches me how to survive. She crawled out of hardship and pursues what she wants. She is always consistent on what she’s doing. She always stays on her passion. In this case, I think my mum is the lucky one as she’s always hand in hand with her passions; journalism and broadcasting. And now she harvests the yield. She’s woman on top. She started with small and now enjoys her big things:)

I have been living for 28 years in this world. I celebrated my birth day on last 18 of May. From 1 to 10, I mark my life on 8. I am happy and I want to be happier. I learn a lot and I still want to learn more things. I got achievement but I want some more. I was small tiny creature and born from my mother’s womb. Her cares and values are the guidance in my life when I grow up. I am inspired by her attitude, her struggle, and her spirit. My mum is my heroine who never stops praying for me, for my life and for my new family. She is very glad and enthusiastic with my new life phase, starting with my marriage and then my motherhood. Many thing she tells me and I do appreciate it. I am her big big girl now. I always be her little girl, no matter how old I am.

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