Bubu Awards v 0.7

Last night, I was surprised knowing that my online business was one of the nominees in BubuAwards v.0.7 for e-commerce category. Though I was not the winner, the fact that my web was nominated was beyond my expectation.

I remember that I submitted my presentation on the last minutes and had to struggle with the submitting problem. My husband and I thought that the uploading system provided by the committee was not reliable so many participants encountered problem. As I wasn’t pretty sure that my presentation reached them, then I sent it directly via email to the person in charge. Yet, I was not contacted. I was not informed on the further steps.

I assumed that my presentation was failed and therefore didn’t expect anything. One day before the awarding night, I received an invitation to attend a seminar held by bubuawards and Idbyte where prominent speakers from Google, E Bay, Linked In, Facebook, Kaskus convened together and spoke about the digital industry. I also got another invitation to attend the awarding ceremony in the evening, still in the same day.

We, my husband and I, went to the seminar. However, I was reluctant to attend the award night because it did not interest me at all. As I told you before, I was pessimistic that my presentation would be successful. My husband insisted that we had to go there just in case we’re nominated or even be the winner.

In the evening, finally we went to the awarding ceremony. We sat on the back. Once the list of nominee was announced, I was surprised that my online business was there on the screen. However, I did not win. It was okay because our target was only be one of the nominees. We just want that this business resounds in the online business in Indonesia. Our main objective is that the judges, consisted of experts in online business and digital industry, know and recognize us. And become the nominee of BubuAwards, has a marketing and public relation value of which very important for us who doesn’t have dedicated marketing budget.


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