Building Dream

The first time I set my eyes to the house, I knew exactly that it was the same house I saw at the photo. In several chattings, the owner invited me to visit her home sweet home.  However, due to time limitation , I couldn’t go there until last Sunday, finally I touched down at that sweet castle. rumahsenyumpagi, that’s the call.

I should admit that the location is quite far from my home, approximately 1.5 hours to get there. Ika said that we’re great as we could find the house without making a phone call to her.

The look of the house? Extraordinary one, with the a pretty tall wall in the left side. Entering the home, the black tiles decorate the floor. My fave one is the large windows surrounding the house, allowing sun shining in to the house. Perfect!

What amazes us isn’t only the appearance of the house, but the story that the house was built before they married. Never did we dream to build a house before we tied a knot last August, but Kelik and Ika made it. Reading the story in the blog, I find the spirit they gathered in house building process. I know there’s a bunch a love in the house, in the frames on the wall, and in their littleluckyfrangipani.

Looking up to them makes me dare to dream. A dream I have been long chasing, but so shame putting little courage in it. On our way home from rumahsenyumpagi, I discussed a lot with my hubby in the car and we knew that the time has come, to build our dream.

Happy new year all. Seize your dream and make it real in 2009:)

5 thoughts on “Building Dream

  1. Aduh, jadi nggak enak nih menyela pembicaraan dua sejoli. Hihihi…

    Tadi ngelink ke MPnya, ternyata punya mb Ika Jkt Post ya. Rumahnya lucu…eyecatching bgt :)

  2. kalo udah beneran tinggal di jakarta, ntar main ke sana deh mbak…tak ngajak aline juga (mbak kan kenalnya aline, hahahaha). jadinya official language banjar (aku sendiri yg gak ngerti).

    poto rumah barunya di upload dong di blog…

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