Car Free Day

This time, people who walk and ride bicycle are the king. No cars, buses and motorcycle are allowed to pass the quick line along Thamrin- Sudirman route.

Then What do they do?? Some of them ride bicycle, have a healthy walk or even play football. In every 4th week of each month, Gov. of Jakarta runs a program called Car Free Day. In that day, presiding officer claims that the weather pollution decreases up to 50-60%. In addition, this program gives a larger paling area for Jakarta residents who these days face shortage of playing ground.

This program will be expanded in the near time to other streets such as Jalan Wijaya in Kebayoran ans Sunter in North Jakarta.

6 thoughts on “Car Free Day

  1. kok nggak bisa shoutboxmu thea? anyway, memang susah ngrubah mental budak. apalagi yang jadi presiden. so what to do? to not to be fooled by whatever he does. it is all in the end just a lie.

  2. @ Hanafi…masak to mas gak bisa??
    Nah itu tadi, gimana caranya mengubah mentalitas budak itu. Yang paling susah adalah mengubah mindset inferioritas bangsa ini. Sudah dipojokkan sana-sini, tapi kok ya gak kapok-kapok yaaa

  3. @ Nugroho….it shows that no matter how much new roads built in Jakarta, it won’t be enough to accommodate the number of cars which always outnumbers the road capacity.

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