Weaning the Boy

Weaning our little boy, Cena, is always an issue for our family. The attachment between Cena and us as parents is very tight. It is understandable because both my hubby and I are working at home. Therefore, it is ourselves who supervise Cena everyday, every time. We have no nanny. All Cena’s businesses are taken care by us as.

Since this January, Cena has been attending play group in Fastrack. He also went to this place before entering the play group stage. In this play group, all students are required to attend the class by themselves. No companion. Yet, for the first time, students might be accompanied either by their parents or nannies or relatives. Then, there’s weaning time. Each student has his/her own turn to be weaned.

Cena’s turn started last week. He got the last turn because he was absent for 3 weeks for vacation. My hubby and I were very curios. How Cena would react to the weaning. Would he cry? Or would he be just right? On first Monday, which was the first day of weaning, I took Cena to his class and accompanied him for about fifteen minutes. The teachers asked me to leave him with them and his friends. Cena, knowing that I had to leave him, cried. The class’ door closed and I left him.

Then, I watched him from the CCTV monitor. Cena cried and insisted to open the door. One of the teachers had to sit in front of the door so Cena couldn’t reach the door. He cried for about 30 minutes and after that he was calm yet still reluctantly joined class activity. He sat alone, accompanied by his teacher. When it came to snack time, he didn’t eat, saying that he was not hungry. Refusing a meal? Sounds not him at all. Yet I knew that it was because he wasn’t in good mood of eating.

2 hours passed and we were ready in front of the class’ door to greet him. When the door opened, he was smile, looked relieved that his parents were there waiting for him. I kissed him on cheeks and hugged him tightly. It turned out that I, too, was anxious leaving him and separating from him. Yet, I was so proud him. First day of weaning passed like what I anticipated before. Rough for the first time and ran smoothly in the rest.

And it came the second day of weaning in Wednesday. Just like on Monday, I took him to the class, playing with him several minutes and left him with the teacher. And….Cena cried. I rushed to the CCTV monitor to watch over him. He cried but not long. It was only 10 minutes. And after that he was happily playing around with his friends. I was so relieved. Everything also went smoothly on Friday and Monday in the week after. He was fine and mingled gladly with his friend.

And today was his fifth day. Unexpectedly, before going to school, he cried. Though he insisted to stay at home, I took him to the school. I don’t know why he behaves so after passing smooth days. I assume that the separation which he can barely stand. Once he is with his friends in class, he is so happy. It is likely that he never cries or be reluctant to go to school. I do hope in the next days he will be okay.

Motivating Children through Story Telling

with putri soehendro

I was moved by the presentation of Putri Soehendro, a professional story teller, @poetrisoehendro in the fun story telling event held by The Urban Mama at Fimelafest. She stated that nowadays most parent want their children to be an excellent straight A student. They send their children to the expensive school with two or three different languages. But it’s not enough. Children are given additional courses such as kumon and many more. Once parents have a plan to make the children as an excellent student, they forget that they never gave them a motivation. They missed the 1-5 year old moment and never told any stories which brought a good motivation. That 1-5 year old range is the golden moment must be known by most of us. When children pass the 1-5 year old range, they will be much harder to be motivated. Then it’s not surprising seeing a demotivated child in midst of courses and activities. One of the causes as they have no motivation.

According to Putri Soehendro  parents should use the golden age of children to inject as many as possible spirits, good virtues and values that can boost motivation to the children. Therefore, don’t waste the time. Stimulate our children’s brain with games, story, colors and voice so it will develop to its maximumly.

Story telling is something fun. Most children love it. Moreover if the we deliver the story in a funny and interesting way. That’s why parents, in my opinion should master this skill. And as parents we should not be bored telling the story for our loved ones. Why? Because through story we can insert values and good virtues to our children in a lovable way. They will have full motivation to enter the next steps of their life.

Then, what should be paid attention before telling a story to our children? Here are some clues:

  1. Give a short, brief and clear story. Bear in mind that children have a short concentration time. For example, your 1 year old toddler can only focus for about 1 minute. Your 2 years old daughter’s focus time is only 2 minutes. You can find google more about this focus/concentration time. Therefore, long story will disinterest them.
  2. Deliver the story with a fun mimic, different variety of voice (high pitch, low pitch). If you have puppet show, it will be much better. Story telling will be much fun.
  3. For the under-6 children, avoid mystique and miracle content such as story of Lorojonggrang and Tangkuban Perahu. And do you still remember the story of si Kancil. It’s not a good story anyway. Why? Because it figures the kancil, the main star, as a thief who steals cucumber. The main stars of the story must be the honest, the responsible and kind ones. So children can learn the good values from them.
  4. Create your own story. Why? Because children love the story from their parents as it will be unique and different from those at school, play-group or books. Putri Soehendro said that the idea of the story is available on many sites. Just give some times to look on it and modify it based on your children’s age.

As I learned from my story telling activity from my son, it also made my son ate all of his meals. I often inserted one or two short stories while he was eating. The theme was around the vegetable, or fish or meat on his plate. It’s very fun anyway.

So parents, why don’t you try it now??



Rumah Liliput

More than three years ago, in the early days of our marriage, my husband and I talked about building a small house for our children. A small house what we meant is really a small one. We thought of it nesting above the tree in our backyard. As it was small one that we dreamed of, then we called it Rumah Liliput. Rumah means a house. Liliput means tiny or small.

Back at that time, we hadn’t had a child yet. Therefore, we didn’t build any. In addition to, we also didn’t have any house. However, Rumah Liliput phrase becomes a symbol. It is a symbol that represents our hope and our dream. One of our dreams is having our own house and our home at once where we nestle and nurture the love of our family. When we talk about a house, then Rumah Liliput is always in our conversation.

Building a house is not a piece of cake. I learned it from my parents who built their house in Jogja. They searched for a land, bought it, hired an architect to draw the design and a officer to supervise the process of building. It involved tenses. It dried up their money and savings. They did it to have a home sweet home at Jogja. As they preferred not to buy from a developer, then it resulted in extra efforts.

That is exactly what we are doing right now. We decided not to buy one from the developer. The process of searching the land took a quite long time. Thank God that we are now being assisted by my father-in-law. He is the expert as he’s been in the construction field for more than 30 years. Now we are living at Jakarta and it is very difficult to look on the building process regularly as Rumah Liliput is located at Jogja. Why we choose Jogja instead of Jakarta? Because we want to grow our children in a friendly environment. And another important reason is because we want to stay close with our parents so we can take care of them intensively. Anyone would be my friends to hang out around on comfort afternoon at Jogja later? :D

Now, Rumah Liliput is half-done. It’s now in finishing process. The last time I went there last week, I saw many on-going progresses. It is projected to finish by the early of next year. My father-in-law says that he will strive to accelerate the process so it can finish on Cena’s birthday:).



Have I told you that motherhood is cool?

Yeah it is very cool in many ways…

Motherhood teaches me to be more patient. It shows me how to sacrifice sincerely. Motherhood makes me wiser. It leads me to the way of peacefulness.

Yes it is peacefulness that I feel..

It is when my skin touches my son skin.

It is when my eyes see his eyes….it is when he smiles while I am breastfeeding him

It is heaven when he kisses my cheek in the morning and lays his head on my breast. His arms are warmth that disseminate endorphin to my body.

I never thought that I can be this happy, this content…

Now I know why I did miss this little creature so much…long before he was born:)

my precious

Today…..once again I feel so much lucky and blessed as I can sit working while my warm-hearted son is playing around.

There’s nothing beautiful than being able with him all the time, witnessing him grows, or simply taking a nap with him when I am done with my works.

I never regret the steps I made because what I have now is more than precious….I love you my son


Apple-Pie-Baking Mummy

This September isn’t like typical previous September. For me it’s special, a month when I am officially quitting from my job at one of cellular company in Indonesia. My decision shocked many people, starting from my manager, my GM, my colleagues and of course, my parents. Well, frankly speaking, it wasn’t an easy decision. Not a few say that I must be crazy letting go this job, which every body pursues. However, this is a firm decision.

I had considered many things before coming to this point, ever since I was pregnant. My wish to stay at home with the kid and run the job from home is very compelling.  Having discussed with my hubby, I decided to resign and proposed my resignation letter to my manager on July. She was surprised and offered me an unpaid leave just in case I wanted to join the company again. However, I declined it.

For me this is not a regretful decision. On the contrary, this is a liberating one. I am just lucky that I am dare to take this step. Quitting a settled job is hard, you know. However, I believe I will get the pay-off. Being closer to Avicena, my son, is the ultimate thing. While nursing the kid, I can focus to my new business (pssstt….I am a newbie of entrepreneur now) and sharpen my other skills. For the later I manage to take some short courses.

To sum up, I’d like to quote what Michelle Obama said about her decision…..

The career doesn’t define me. What I am doing defines me. I am a mother and wife

May Allah show his ways and makes everything easy for me:)

Ogilvy Aksara Avicena

It’s been so long that I haven’t written anything down in this blog. Well…i was quite inundated with new-mommy-related chores for the last several months. Yeaahh I am mommy now.

Thanks to Allah that finally i could deliver my baby boy in the world. After struggling for more or less sixteen hours..yeap sixteen hours, my baby was born in the world in spontaneous labor. I can’t be happier. I really really enjoy my life phase, being single, married and now happy with a very cute boy:p

It’s not easy for the first time nurturing the baby. First, I didn’t get my resilience back after laboring, so staying awake until late of night was very hard for me. However, my love for my baby is bigger than any reluctance of my eyes to open. Yes my bay is so adorable. His name is Ogilvy Aksara Avicena. I call him Cena.
Another important thing for Cena, and for baby around the world is breast milk. Since the  very first time, I have insisted to breastfeed Cena exclusively for about six months. Nothing is much better for babies than breast milk during their first six months. Neither formula nor additional food. As a working mommy, this is becoming a big challenge. Long before entering to the office, I expressed the milk and kept them in the refrigerator. This is for back up in any case the milk that I express when I am in the office isn’t sufficient. But Alhamdulillah, the milk that I get every time I am at the office is enough for my baby.

And now, Cena is getting closer to six months old. I am so excited. The next step is preparing the additional food for him. I will tell you the story later.

Okay…enough for now. See you in the next posting:)

Money can’t Buy Happiness

Many things indeed open my eyes that happiness can’t be bought by money. No matter how rich we are, at the end it’s nothing if we can’t give love and happiness to people around us.

Last night, again, I got an important lesson-learned from a movie I watched with my hubby. The title is The Nanny Diaries. It’s about a fresh graduate who happens to be a nanny of a rich little boy. The The Nanny named Annie and the boy is Grayer. Grayer is the only son of the wealthy couple who lives in upper east side of New York. He’s just the typical of upper east side clan boy, who goes to the best school and of course accompanied by a nanny. His life is so lonely, despite the nanny with him, because he never gets any attention from his parents. Slow but sure, he loves his nanny than his own parents. Sad..sad..sad!!

His parents want the best thing for him. They work until late and therefore rarely spend time only to take Grayer to the park or museum. To my sadness, the parents dispose what they want to Grayer. I can even figure out why Annie must read financial times or other scientific journal to Grayer, who’s only under five-age minor. When Grayer is sick with a very high temperature, Annie can’t reach his mother who is still at spa.

I wonder, if children like Grayer are scattered around us. From a sharing with a friend, she told me the similar thing experienced by her boss, a career woman and CEO of multinational company. At the end, she refused to be posted in other country and other kinda promotions and chose to quit and build her own company. Why? because she wanted to be focus taking care of her teenage-daughter, who’s in trouble. Although the daughter is already 17 years old, it’s never too late to be close to the daughter as she knows all of her career and wealth she’s been earning can’t compensate the happiness she gave to her daughter.

Hubby’s Support for Pregnant Wife

What a husband can do for his pregnant woman? Many things. I remind husbands everywhere just in case you read this blog, any kind of courage and support for your wife during her pregnancy, even it’s small thing, indeed very matters.

The support can be in many kind of forms. My hubby for example, he never forgets warning me to have milk intake three times a day, paying attention to my menu or reminding me if I have had the folat acid or not. He takes me to he office and picks me up when it;s already after hour. If we pass the “wavy” road, he always slows down the speed to minimize the shocking to my lower tummy, where our baby sleeps in.

When we are on bed , he talks to our baby because we believe that the communication link between us and the baby has existed. That just makes me happy to have supportive husband like him. Then, he always updates me with any kind of information about the pregancy. Pregancy sites now become his fave.

Ever since we knew that we’re going to have a baby, his attention to me has been dwendling. And that makes me very happy for any support from him is very important.

Cooking; Passion that’s Shared

I love cooking. That passion has been growing since I was a little girl and continues clinging to my heart until now. During my teenage, my mum always asked my hand on the kitchen. In the process of assisting my mum, I learned step by step the basic skill of cooking. Slicing, frying, peeling etc.
My mum loves cooking, which skill she inherits from my granny. Because of her wide networking, she knows many people form different backgrounds. Then she sharpens her cooking skill and develops her knowledge on recipes from other provinces. That’s why since I was a child, I have been used to eat food which is relatively different from other friends. My mum is an expert on cooking bubur manado, ayam rica, botok, pepes aceh, rendang, rawon, ayam bakar bumbu rujak and many others food I can’t list.

Besides learning from my mum, now I love googling to find unique recipes. I enjoy preparing the menu for my hubby and cooking her fave dishes, such as bebek goreng, ayam penyet, tuna fettucine, shabu-shabu, tahu telur, or pecel. Technology is undoubtedly very helpful in this case. It takes no time to find recipe of green tea frappucino, my hubby’s fave beverage. From googling, I know how to make strawberry mousse that I will be cooking in the near time. However, what my mum has taught to me is the principal thing as that’s why I can cook and apply all recipes I take from google.

My mum keeps dreaming to run a restaurant where she can pour her passion on cooking fully. I know that she never has that chance unless she resigns from her current job. Mum is a very hard-working woman that she won’t feel enough of retiring her self after her tenure.Because of that, I guess she will seize her dream and make it true.

What about me? Now I start compiling all recipes which have been practiced so that in the future I have a capital to start my own business. My hubby supports my idea a lot. He wishes that we could manage a unique food place at Jogja. Both of us have worked on the concept of the restaurant. Just wait for the right time to launch it.

I see the similarity of interest between me and my mum. We both love cooking and dream to have our own restaurant. Maybe next, I will share this passion as well to my children:)