If just we’re not at Jakarta

I love Jogja and so do my fellas who ever lived and stayed at that lovely city. Our love to the exotic city never and will never fade even though now we are living in Jakarta. Many times we dream and keep reminding each other what if we remain staying at Jogja. It’s kinda too-good-to-be-true dream.

However, we never regret that we leave Jogja for Jakarta. Even the hectic is so unfriendly. Even the pollution is getting worse. Even we should deal with the traffic everyday. Even it always takes more than hour to get to the office every morning. Even it’s hot. Even the food price is expensive.

Why? Because we learn and get many things here. If Wippie doesn’t stay at Jakarta, she will never enjoy her work at ASEAN secretariat. She will never go traveling around Asia countries.

If Norra and Yanti don’t stay at Jakarta, they would never be in Australia now.

If Fenny doesn’t stay at Jakarta, she will never know how to work in multinational company such as Toshiba and Ericcson and makes a big leap by jumping to AHA center, focusing her interest in Humanitarian Assistance. And so does Ririn, she would never get that huge amount of salary working in supranational body:D.

All my best friends print their own step in Jakarta. Like me, their feeling is still clinging to Jogja and we envy soooo much to those who are “dare” to stay at Jogja now, like Indie and Ajeng, for example.

Someday, may be we will:)

The Shining Alin

Not many people whom I meet who dare to dream and seize it until they get what they really want. Alin is the one, a big dreamer and a hard worker. I never doubt that she obtains what she dreams as she consistently improves her self quality.

I know her since I was in a senior high school. We were from a same senior high school, but she is two years younger than me. Then we also went to the similar college, with a same concentration, International Relations. I never thought that she had a passion in journalism until I heard that she was the runner up of Liputan 6 goes to Campus. From a best friend of her, I knew that Alin had prepared all of her plans, including becoming a professional journalist. She kept practicing reading news in front of mirror, ensuring she would be delivering good intonation in front of camera.

Once graduating form college, she started her career as a journalist in the metropolis city. Despite her achievement, she started all from the very beginning, until she joined a tv station which broadcasts a qualified news program. I often found her reading the news. Little bit surprised as she looked different on the screen.

Now she’s in USA attending VOA fellowship for six months. “Wish me a good job, mbak, because if so they will extend my fellowship for another six months”, she said when we had lunch at City Plaza. I encourage her to apply for a scholarship in journalism because I conceive that she’s more than deserved to get that for she’s smart and hard worker. Her best friend, Mya, said that Alin is a big dreamer and a hard worker. I couldn’t agree more about that as it’s clearly obvious from her.

Good luck Alin. I am looking forward to hearing another achievement from you:)

Ups…if you’re one of Liputan 6 viewers, you must be familiar with the anchor Juanita Wiratmaja, It’s her anyway

Mr. Right

My status on Facebook this morning intrigued some friends to comment. Okay let me explain why I wrote that statement as my status. It started  from a chat with a best friend several days ago.  She’s in the crossroad whether to give a man, whom she’s not in to, a go or be patient for another one, she’s longing for.

My friend concedes to me that she chooses being patient for her Mr. Right instead of forcing her self to give her heart to a man she does not love. I have two say that both men have bright future. They have what women require from a man as their life time companion, materially speaking.

She keeps her heart to a man who’s has not shown sufficient clues that he’s also in love with my friend. While the other man has said the three words to her, I Love You. “Life is to short to love with just anybody” she says. In her waiting for the significant other, her Mr. Right, I know that she doesn’t want to push her self further with the man whom she doesn’t have heart to. She wants no regret later and thinks that the smartest way out is managing herself to answer question” when will your turn” in every occasion she encounters with old friends or after presenting wedding party of colleague.

She’s not the one who faces such condition. I have several friends who also have similar circumstances.  The question starts when we graduate and find a job. Okay, you have a job then what? Don’t you want to move further? When will you get married. And still many other questions emerge. That also happened to me years ago. Now, I never have that kind of question any longer. And I am so overwhelmed that I don’t live my life with just anybody, a settled man who’s willing to marry me, but a man that means a lot to me. And next question is, “What about baby??”.

Building Dream

The first time I set my eyes to the house, I knew exactly that it was the same house I saw at the photo. In several chattings, the owner invited me to visit her home sweet home.  However, due to time limitation , I couldn’t go there until last Sunday, finally I touched down at that sweet castle. rumahsenyumpagi, that’s the call.

I should admit that the location is quite far from my home, approximately 1.5 hours to get there. Ika said that we’re great as we could find the house without making a phone call to her.

The look of the house? Extraordinary one, with the a pretty tall wall in the left side. Entering the home, the black tiles decorate the floor. My fave one is the large windows surrounding the house, allowing sun shining in to the house. Perfect!

What amazes us isn’t only the appearance of the house, but the story that the house was built before they married. Never did we dream to build a house before we tied a knot last August, but Kelik and Ika made it. Reading the story in the blog, I find the spirit they gathered in house building process. I know there’s a bunch a love in the house, in the frames on the wall, and in their littleluckyfrangipani.

Looking up to them makes me dare to dream. A dream I have been long chasing, but so shame putting little courage in it. On our way home from rumahsenyumpagi, I discussed a lot with my hubby in the car and we knew that the time has come, to build our dream.

Happy new year all. Seize your dream and make it real in 2009:)

Love U Fellas

We never know when we need or to be needed.

That’s the moral lesson I got after watching the Sex and the City yesterday with Wipi and Feny.

It’s so lucky for those who have best friends in need all the time. Just like what’s depicted in this movie. Friendship of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda is really inspiring, despite it’s only a fiction! They have been becoming best friends since their twenties and still being friends when they grow up, and some of them have family, left alone Carrie and Miranda. This movie, more or less, relates to our friendship since we started going to college. If Carrie and her friends went to New York for label and love, then we came to Jakarta for earning living( I refuse to use the love and label wording:D).

Like I ever wrote in my last posting, it’s a memorable moment to be the part of our best friends’ success and achievements. We struggled together in studying, then graduated and pursued our own careers. We disperse in different field and industry, yet keep contacting each other. Now, not all of us live in Jakarta, some stay at Jogja, some stay at Bali and some go abroad for furthering study. We have our own life now. Some stay single and the rest are married already.

Yesterday was just great moment. Watching movie and hanging out with friends after hectic working condition. Laughing and chit-chatting. I wondered if I could have such living after marriage. Then, I looked at Wipi, the married one, she still enjoys her life. It wiped out my assumption on the post-wedding life. And just like in the ending of the movie, the four marvelous women are still hilarious and enjoying their life. That’s what friends are for. To be there, when needed.

Looking forward to he next hang out session gals:). The sushi just fits to you all:D

Sex And The City

Sex and The City on the theater. Hm, I guess it will be very nice choice before ending my single life. I imagine hanging out with my girl friends and watching this movie. Indoubtedly will be very hillarious.

Anyone would join me?

Melissa Karim

The first time I know about her, when reading an news about a movie” Perempuan Punya Cerita”, from where I knew that she’s one of the story writer. As commoner, I know that writing a script for a film isn’t easy. Moreover, the movie was entitled two thumbs up. Ever since, the name of Melissa Karim’s imprinted in my mind. No doubt, she’s smart

Then, when my friend Wimar told me that he’s about to appear again in TV, with his Perspektif Wimar, the name of Melissa Karim was on the air again. She was one of the co-host candidate who would accompany WW in his show. Straightly I told to Wimar that I supported Melissa to be one of the co-host. She’s smart, I said to him. Then Wimar said, let the people choose.

After being appeared in TV, finally watchers picked only 3 co-host to accompany Wimar (the selection was via SMS). One of them is Melissa. I think, Melissa’d performance is very natural. Her comment is a litle bit naught. Bravo Melissa!! Now I become a friend of her in Facebook:D.

I told Wimar if he could arrange a date for three of us. Unfortunately, on the last time I met Wimar, I couldn’t meet Melissa. But I still urge him to introduce me with Melissa:)).

Now, Melissa is active in Kalyana Shira Foundation, a non-profit organization which concerns with the marginalized, such as women and children. A way to go Melissa:)

Post-Wedding Party Expense

This morning, I sent a message to Wipi who just returned from her honeymoon. I reminded her that she had to turn my suitcases, which she borrowed for taking her stuffs to her new house. There are two suitcases with her, the small and the bigger one. Many times I urged her that I had to have my suitcase back before 12 April 2008 because I will be on business trip for a week. It means, I need a bigger suitcase to load all of my stuff. Moreover, the trip this time will be more lengthy.

Surprisingly, I received unexpected answer from her. She said she forgot that I would take my suitcase. Meanwhile, at the time  I messaged her, she was in her way to Jogja with Arief. Even worse, she brought her apartment key with her and therefore I couldn’t access her apartment to take my suitcases.

Then, she offered an alternative. She asked me to buy a new suitcase which in return will be paid by her. I agreed and I planned to go to Centro for buying the new suitcase. Another message from her then came along. “Please don’t buy the expensive one, if possible get the discounted”. Hahahaa, I guess she’s already all out for her marriage and should tighten her expense, especially post-wedding life.

Okay, I get the lesson-learned. Be wise of my money and please don’t be too much with the wedding party:D

Congratulation Dear

Seeing them stepping down from car, entering the building and walking on the red carpet, I couldn’t stand my emotion. I was mixed up and finally I felt my eyes watery. Then when she walked in front me, I heard She said:

Thea, don’t cry

I was so touching seeing my best friend finally had what she’s been waiting for. And definitely very glad to be her company in her wedding.

Congratulation Dear:)

Friendship and Memorable Moments

Within two weeks ahead, my best friend, Wipi, is going to marry with Arief. Arief is also my friend at college. I just don’t realize that the marriage is getting closer and closer. One of my best friend will soon say good bye to the single life.

Last year I had Yanti and Titi left us alone in single-happy-woman world. One year before Yanti and Titi, Mira got marry at Denpasar, which unfortunately I couldn’t be there witnessing their long-life promise.

Last week, I met several friends at Mayang and Janu’s wedding in Solo. Unexpectedly, many friends were there. Even Ester Dina, who’s currently working at Banda Aceh, was there. Life is changing. Post-college life gives another color to us. It’s really prominent. Some of them gain weight and others remain same or even slimmer. The conversation was around job and working life. No more conversation about cold war, diplomacy, economy and politic in Japan, and many more. We left those topics and now are facing job-related issues.

It has been two or three years ago, we had a lovely life at college. Now, we are working, though some of us are still strugling with thesis. Sometimes, I missed to be around them, to be in environment used to be near with me. Last occasion really brought me many memories. Next month, on the early week of April, I will take my friends walking through the aisle to reach their future life. I wish you all happiness, Sista:)