Pempek Nyonya Kamto

Pempek Nyonya Kamto. One of many Pempek in Jogjakarta, yet it is the best one, in my opinion. I have eaten pempek in many places, including ones from its origin place, Palembang. And from my point of view, what pempek Nyonya Kamto offers is as delicious as those from Palembang or other places at South Sumatera.

Pempek is a fishcake made of Tenggiri fish. It is served with sweet, sour and spicy sauce. As topping, you may add cucumber or noodle. You can have it wet or fried. Both are delicious. Back to Pempek Nyonya Kamto, the menus served vary. They are pempek kapal selam, pempek bulat, lenggang, pempek lenjer, and pempek kulit. They also have tekwan. Tekwan technically is not a variation of pempek. It is actually a fish ball served with delicious broth. My favorites are always pempek kapal selam and pempek kulit. Pempek kapal selam is the biggest pempek of all (in size) and stuffed with duck egg. As for pempek kulit, it is made of kulit or fish skin, mixed with flour and the ingredients. The last time I went there, my hubby tried lenggang. Lenggang is fish cake fried with omelet.

Pempek Nyonya Kamto have several branches in Yogyakarta. I have been to its first outlet at Jalan Beskalan 3, Yogyakarta (close by Toko Ramai) and to another outlet at Lower Ground floor of Plaza Ambarukmo, Yogyakarta. The price is affordable. A pempek kapal selam costs only 10.000 rupiahs. Other menus like lenggang, kulit, lenjer, and bulat are priced 7500.

Rumah Liliput

More than three years ago, in the early days of our marriage, my husband and I talked about building a small house for our children. A small house what we meant is really a small one. We thought of it nesting above the tree in our backyard. As it was small one that we dreamed of, then we called it Rumah Liliput. Rumah means a house. Liliput means tiny or small.

Back at that time, we hadn’t had a child yet. Therefore, we didn’t build any. In addition to, we also didn’t have any house. However, Rumah Liliput phrase becomes a symbol. It is a symbol that represents our hope and our dream. One of our dreams is having our own house and our home at once where we nestle and nurture the love of our family. When we talk about a house, then Rumah Liliput is always in our conversation.

Building a house is not a piece of cake. I learned it from my parents who built their house in Jogja. They searched for a land, bought it, hired an architect to draw the design and a officer to supervise the process of building. It involved tenses. It dried up their money and savings. They did it to have a home sweet home at Jogja. As they preferred not to buy from a developer, then it resulted in extra efforts.

That is exactly what we are doing right now. We decided not to buy one from the developer. The process of searching the land took a quite long time. Thank God that we are now being assisted by my father-in-law. He is the expert as he’s been in the construction field for more than 30 years. Now we are living at Jakarta and it is very difficult to look on the building process regularly as Rumah Liliput is located at Jogja. Why we choose Jogja instead of Jakarta? Because we want to grow our children in a friendly environment. And another important reason is because we want to stay close with our parents so we can take care of them intensively. Anyone would be my friends to hang out around on comfort afternoon at Jogja later? :D

Now, Rumah Liliput is half-done. It’s now in finishing process. The last time I went there last week, I saw many on-going progresses. It is projected to finish by the early of next year. My father-in-law says that he will strive to accelerate the process so it can finish on Cena’s birthday:).



My satisfaction with the mass transportation in Indonesia is never fulfilled. Again, this year I am disappointed as I can’t go home to Jogja with the nice-affordable mode.

It’s commonly known that nearing to Eidl Mubarak, there’s a huge surge of people commuting from Jakarta to other cities. People are more than willing to take any risk, despite conditions such as poor facilities or increasing fares, as long as they can go home for celebrating Eidl Mubarak at their hometown. Unfortunately, the condition of transportation modes remains similar year by year. No improvements at all. No enhancement on the number, quality or access to get it. Even, recent years, mudik with motorcycle has been becoming a trend. Why? One of the reason as it’s cheap than taking buses or trains or planes. Meanwhile, motorcycle is basically not designed to transport people within far distance. Moreover, it’s less safer than anykind of mode.

Three years ago, the first year I worked at Jakarta, I stood in line for getting one ticket to go home to Jogja. That was my first ritual of mudik, anyway. i queued for almost two hours and started it since dawn just left, 5:30 in the morning to be precise. By the time I was getting near to the locket, I had to be discontent as it’s announced that the executive ticket was sold out. The one left was business class. I had no choice. And I got one business ticket, but only for a short period as I shortly sold it to a friend. My mum didn’t allow me to take the business class. ” It was too dangerous for a woman like you” She said.

The broker or middlemen, to my opinion, are very powerful in this “critical” moment. Can you find any reason why a locket which was just open about three minutes but could sell all tikcets quota?? It’s insane and ridiculous. It really happened when my friend queued for executive train ticket at Gambir early last month. That’s why I was so so so pessimistic if I can have one no matter effrorts I did, except buying with the broker itself:D. Don’t you think they cheat with the insiders:))??

This afternoon, my husband left me earlier to Jogja with Ayik, Ajik and Herman. They drive car and need to be at Jogja soon. Dad will embark from Bandung and pick Mummy at Cirebon. Both of them will take a car cruising the north coast route (pantura) in the peak moment. Tomorrow, in the evening, I’ll go with plane, whose fare is doubled than usual:((. Soon, we’ll meet at Jogja.

Anyway…”selamat mudik” everybody:)

The Address

I just realized that we mistyped the address in our wedding invitation.

As the akad nikah was held in my house, we also put my address in the invitation. Without checking and rechecking, we wrote KM 14.5.

It caused a problem then when my office colleagues from Jakarta intended my akad instead of the reception (because they didn’t get ticket for going back to Jakarta). They lost when they went straight to KM 14.5. As consequence, in the last minutes before being called to meet my husband, I still picked up phone call from some of my friends who lost somewhere between KM 14.5 and KM 10.5, where my house is situated. I am so sorry Pal:D.

Then I found out that my house was situated on Jalan Adisucipto Km 10.5 not in 14.5 as I assumed before. I never paid attention where it was actually because it’s our new house and we moved there not more that 1.5 years ago. Before settling at the current house, we stayed at our old house at Jalan Gejayan. As my Dad moved to Bandung, then our family no longer entitled to stay at that house. Then my parents built a new house on a land which they had bought years before.

Our old house was far smaller than the new one. Yet it had a very large yard with green grass and was located in the heart of city. We could go everywhere easily. Ogi loved to sit in the red chair at the veranda while enjoying the breeze from big trees surrounding my old house.

However, I also love the new one. It’s bigger and more than enough to accommodate almost all of my relatives who attended my wedding last August. It.s very near with the airport so Ogi and I didn’t have to rush when catching our flight to Bali:). The neighborhood is very lovely and humble. Their hospitality is a true example of togetherness, which I found rare at big city.

Suddenly…I miss my house:(

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Bakmi Pele

My coming to Bakmi Pele isn’t only about eating. For me it’s also about enjoying the heart of Jogja, in the night nuance, feeling the breeze whispering near my ears.

Bakmi Pele, located in the north alun-alun Jogjakarta, is one of the culinary places that you must visit once at Jogja. Recently, I’ve been always devoting my time to have a plate of fried noodle when I go home to Jogja. The fried noodle served there is Javanese style. We call it Bakmi Jowo. Using endog bebek (egg of duck) and ayam kampung, to my opinion, Bakmi Pele is the embodiment of original recipe of noodle. I always love noodle, Bakmi Pele is one of my fave.

If I may suggest you, try to sit with lesehan style, instead of on chair. There, you can sit while overlooking the large field, known as Alun-alun. Then, order a glass of hot tea or wedang ronde and take your time while you can, before a portion of fried noodle coming in front of you.

The last time I went there, I took it not as the ritual of ordinary eating, instead of commemoration of my being in that lovable city. And for you who has a chance to spend moment there, please enjoy the noodle, your time at Jogja, while seeing the slight buzzing of the city. And for me, it’s always nice.

Earn Living at Jogja; I Wish I Can

Working at a big company at Jakarta indoubtedly offers me many challenges, experiences and benefits at once. Hence, I am so grateful to have this opportunity. Eversince I joined this company two years ago, I have been trying to utilize every opportunity while keeping wishing that I can work at Jogja sometimes. I remember two years ago, I was so reluctant working in this big city. However, destiny brought me here.

I have several considerations why I still insist staying at Jogja and earning living there. First, Jogja is very nice city, less far hectic than Jakarta and friendly. Then, I plan to stay there with a new family and raise children at a city in where you can find schools and universities with good facilities.

Okay, I’m going to marry and manage that within specified time I wish I can be assigned working in Jogja-based office. I know it will be tough. Moreover, now I am appointed to be the new coordinator of two new areas at once. Nevertheless, I never stop wishing. Thank God, my husband to-be understands my position and he agrees to accompany me at Jakarta. Lucky me!!!

Two days ago, I chatted with him, talking about our plan in the future. I told him much about my new job, how good I can adopt with it and how can I cope the difficulties I face. At the end, the topic about job terminated, again, at our future life. Surprisingly he told me…

Hun, it’s all up to you. I will stay with you at Jakarta until you feel okay moving at Jogja and satisfied with your work here.

See..tell me how can’t I say that I couldn’t be luckier. Thanks dear:)

Afternoon at Boulevard

Last Friday, I went the UGM boulevard, stopping by at a teh botol vendor. Then, I ordered two bottles of tea which then accompanied by fried Tempura as friends of mine who was spending nice afternoon at my ex-college, Gadjah Mada University.

The atmosphere was nice. The weather was friendly as well. Not too hot. I saw several students who were exercising Capoera. They were very active, I thought. Afterward, I remembered the time when I was used to visit that place, the neighborhood of boulevard. A place which reminds me of many memories:). I really love it.

It’s almost four years I have left it. It was four years ago when I officially left my campus. Though, the distance couldn’t pull the memory in my mind out. Next month if I am at Jogja, I will be there to feel all of them again:). Afternoon at Boulevard

I Am Dreaming of Jogja

The title above was also the status appearing in my ym box this eveening. It invited some people to ask me why I was so. Astri even suggested me to go home to Jogja, where my heart lies as always.  

I miss being there. Maybe it sounds cliche. In fact that was really I am feeling. Among many things that I have to deal with right now, especially for the UNFCCC preparation, I thought I deserved a time to escape. Then last week, I went to Jogja. I planned to take a leave in the Monday so i could have three days. However, it wasn’t approved by my boss,hiksss. And if I feel such bussy things really stick on me very much, I only can dream I can have more time for leisure. And Jogja is place where I am dreaming to be at.

Many times i visited Bali, but i barely had time to enjoy it. Just like last week, I could only spare one day for sight seeing and meeting my best friend, Titi. And i didi it exactly before I had to leave for Jakarta. My friends always say how lucky I am to have a chance to visit many cities in Indonesia. While within my heart I say how lucky I could be there for vacation and not for work. I need vacation, indeed.

Next month, InsyaAllah, i will be at Jogja again. And now, I have to work again.

Allah, thanks for this work. I can actualize myself:)



The Time Went so Slowly at Imogiri

Because we were confused where to spend one of my night in Jogja, Ogi offered me to try Sate Klatak in Imogiri. I did agree then we went there after Magrib. I often heard about Sate Klatak and I was so curious to get known its taste which is said so delicious.

The chilling wind accompanied our motorcycle-trip there. The weather in Jogja was getting chiller in the night. It’s just a compensation of the hot exposure sunlight you got in the day.

After a three-forth hour trip, we arrived at Pasar Imogiri. The hectic and crowded market turned to be a tranquil place where many vendors sold the famous Sate Klatak.

What is Sate Klatak? Sate Klatak is one of the various sate in Indonesia, sate or satay is made of meat or chicken, stuck with pin and burnt on ember. It’s served with sauce made of nut or tempe (soya been cake) or other ingredients. Sate Madura, sate Padang, or sate ambal is short of Indonesian culinary heritage. While sate klatak is made of mutton, soaked in special ingredients and stuck with a special pin from steel which makes the mutton well cooked in and out side. It’s specialty from Imogiri, a place which is also popular as the royal cemetery.

Then we greeted one of the vendors. I ordered two portions of sate. Before us, there were many buyers who already sat and ordered. With minimum lighting, we tried to figure out the place to sit. We sat with crossed-leg. While waiting for the sate, I wondered why there was no one who offered us drinks. I saw a woman who was making drinks. Maybe she’s the one who made the beverage for us. Then I went to her and asked if she sold the drink. “Yes”, she answered.

Not long after that a glass of hot tea and hot lemon drink came. But the sate hadn’t been served yet. I added a portion of tongseng in our order. Waiting for the sate and tongseng, Ogi and I looked at the vendor. We noticed that he did everything slowly. We were always asking why he didn’t slice the mutton at home. Why there was only one wood stove while he had to prepare two kinds of course, sate and tongseng. Why he didn’t apply job division? Why didn’t he only burn the mutton or cook the tongseng and others helped his to do other things? Indeed, the time went so slowly at Imogiri. Ogi said to me” It’s Jogja people”.

Two portions of sate and a portion of tongseng were served in front of us, finally. I was always curious with the sate. Then I tried it. Hmm…I agreed with my friend said about sate klatak:

The less, the more.

Sate was served with no sauce. But it really made the original taste of mutton revealed. No addition yet caused the taste very rich. The mutton was soft and sometimes we could taste the fatty flavor.

We were finished with our orders and our tummy was full. More people came and ordered the sate. I assumed most of them are Jogja people who worked in other cities and at that time they went home for celebrating Eid Ul Fitr. They came with their family, probably simply to memorize the flavor of sate klatak which made them missed all the time. And of course, just like them, I will go there next time I visit this lovely city.   



The God of Happiness

The source of happiness is not figures in my saving account. For me, the god of happiness is seeing my parents, spending time with relatives or hanging out with friends.

Seven days in Jogja of course isn’t enough for me. Though I could have my moments with my family, go out with friends and go around my new neighborhood, it’s still insufficient. I think I must have a longer time even though I don’t know how many days more I need.

I took moment by moment this Eid Ul Fitr thoroughly. I really enjoyed the time I spent with my lovely parents was. We worked on together the mess in our home when Lik Sus, our maid, went home to Wates. I could have a chance to profound my cooking knowledge. My Mum taught me how to cook rendang, Padang food which I always wanted to master at. And Ogi said it was delicious. Merci mon cher.

Then I realized how important the friendship I have. My friends are my power source. Last Tuesday, my friends and I gathered at Jimbaran restaurant. We were there to celebrate the birthday of Wipi, Nora and Ririn. Just like when we met many times before, this gathering was also decorated with laughs and jokes. Unbelievable, it’s been seven years we’ve been together. Now, we have our won story, go through our own journey. As my friend says, eventually we have our own life. Ririn who met her halve in KKN. While other friends ended up with broken relationship with their KKN-friends-turned lover, Ririn and Ipunk stay together till now. Arif, who will go to Brazil and plans to marry my best friend, Wippie. Indi who’s still chasing her dream. And me, what about me? I am still looking what I can do in the future.

I am glad. I am happy. I was recharged and now full of power. The god of happiness of mine, I have already met it.