I Am Looking for Hiro Nakamura

For you who watch Heroes serial, you must be familiar with the character of Hiro Nakamura. As the other characters, he has special extraordinary ability, which is believed can safe the world from the vicious power. In short, with his teleporting specialty, he can move to other place instantaneously, without traveling through space.

It will be much easier for me if I have such power like his now. I don’t have to buy ticket to go home. I must not call Garuda Call Center to ensure my availability among other passengers who are also in the waiting list. Or my friends no need to queue for hours to get train ticket. Just by holding them, I can bring them to Jogja as quickly as winking our eyes. Fast and simple.

I wish I could have such ability and therefore I would go to Jogja whenever I want or visit other places wherever I wish. Undoubtedly, it would cut my monthly expense to go home. Every month, I must spend at least 500 thousand for going Jogja and so does Ogi.

Well..well…I only can wish. Maybe it’s because I watch it too much. By the way, it’s time to GCC again.



Two Days Left

Two days left before entering Eid ul Fitr. How is the situation in my office? It’s set on holiday mood. No kidding! We can’t resist the temptation to stretch our bodies longer. And when we look on to the pile of document and check the emails in our inbox, oh no, it’s such a burden that we must bring along day.

For me, two days means speeding up my deadline. I have to make sure that all of our roaming partners have implemented all our GT SMSCs (sorry guys, it must take your time as there were too many to implement). Then, contacting our roaming partners and rescheduling the testing should be on the list due to the more than a week of ineffective days. Some of my friends will spend all of their leaves. But I will keep some of them just in case I need it next time.

I will go home October 11, 2007 with the 6-pm flight to Jogja. However, now I am still checking my availability to reschedule my flight. Therefore, I am always calling the call center to get an update from them. Let’s see if my silver card member will work on this because I am with more than 90 passengers who want to fly earlier.

Hmm..i hope I can get it

The Sweetness of Home

Going home to Jogja is a moment that I am always looking forward to. Just like now, I really miss the nuance of home. Its unavoidable tranquility is always in my mind. 

It’s just only going home. I really love the process. Deciding the date to go home, buying the return ticket, packing, and boarding to train or plane, and enjoying the trip. 

Arriving at home, my grandma always welcomes me with hot drink, either coffee or tea. For the God’s sake, she’s so lovely and cares of me. My grandma and I used to be (and still now) a good partner. I remember when my mum had to move to Semarang as she’s assigned in the new post. At that time, we handled the household together, especially for the cooking matters. Daddy gave me weekly money to buy needs such as vegetable, fish, meat, eggs, sugar and others. I arranged everything, with her assistance. I decided menus for each day, often thinking hard so my family members would get bored with the meal. 

Managing house isn’t easy. House for me (and I assume for everybody) should be a home sweet home where every member feel comfortable to live within. And I ever experienced that one and wish that eventually I can manage my own. 

Speaking about managing house reminds me of my mom, who’s now being posted in Cirebon. For me, she’s the master of everything. She masters of how-to-manage skill and arranging the interior of home. She’s an expert of cooking too. I know many things about cooking form her, and no doubt, it’s very useful right now. Thank you so much Mom. 

And this weekend, I am going home. I really can’t wait seeing it. Though my mom and dad don’t go home this weekend, I am still enthusiastic as I can do my favorite things such as cooking and arranging the home (as we now move to the new house), seeing lovely persons in my life (including you my dear), and feeling the sweetness of home itself. 

Mist of Time

5 AM…17 March 2007
My train went eastward…
I saw reddish-yellow light arouse in peak of those mountains.
It looked very beautiful

Then…the air breezed through the window and touched my skin gently
I felt the coolness
I liked it
I liked the freshness as it brought the mist

I still kept my eyes on the light
Gradually, it became lighter
It soared higher
The color turned brighter
Then the weather was warmer

My heart suddenly turned glad
When the attendant announced…
The train would arrive soon
15 minutes ahead, it stopped
I stood, taking my luggage
I stepped down, walked among the crowd of people
Then I saw him…
Dear, I came to Jogja


Why time in Jogja ran so fast that taking five-day leave seemed very short for me? Once stepping down from the airplane, i took a deep breathe, relaxing my exhausted body after an-hour air journey.  

Then, what did i do? Having taken my luggage at home, shortly i went to Gudeg seller in Janturan. Ignoring the chilling wind, i cruised its amazing night. It remains same for me. Gudeg seller are scattered along the street. Jogja is still a beautiful city, especially in the night. I like the glimmering lights of Jogja, though in Jakarta i often see such thing. 

Spending almost six years in Jogja, it was very hard fot me once i had to leave this city. Hence last week, I took my time enjoying every corner of Jogja in five days. I visited interesting spots, i met my old friends, i spared my time with my mom and dad, and i spent my time with my close friend.

I should take a longer leave next year as i haven’t been even satisfied with my last time being in Jogja. Hhmmmm, i still have unvisited itineraries. Let me short them out….Siung beach, Melting Pot, Sate Karang (hhhmm food is my passion), and many more.

I schedule to visit Jogja on the third week of November and of course in last December, when i manage to spend new year eve with my family and my close friends. The later will be longer than the former and i convince will be more interesting as well. Surely, i can’t hardly wait……

I love Jogja….very much:)