The 4-years of Sacred Union

Four years ago, we embarked from one point of a sacred union. The thick and thin. All ups and downs. Bitter and sweet. Through all of it….we always make it and are hopeful will always stay that way. Happy fourth anniversary, my other halves.


Have I told you that motherhood is cool?

Yeah it is very cool in many ways…

Motherhood teaches me to be more patient. It shows me how to sacrifice sincerely. Motherhood makes me wiser. It leads me to the way of peacefulness.

Yes it is peacefulness that I feel..

It is when my skin touches my son skin.

It is when my eyes see his eyes….it is when he smiles while I am breastfeeding him

It is heaven when he kisses my cheek in the morning and lays his head on my breast. His arms are warmth that disseminate endorphin to my body.

I never thought that I can be this happy, this content…

Now I know why I did miss this little creature so much…long before he was born:)

my precious

Today…..once again I feel so much lucky and blessed as I can sit working while my warm-hearted son is playing around.

There’s nothing beautiful than being able with him all the time, witnessing him grows, or simply taking a nap with him when I am done with my works.

I never regret the steps I made because what I have now is more than precious….I love you my son


What Love can Do

We know that love can make people do things unbelievable for it. Just like what I watched last night in Kick Andy show, which invited couples who had their marriage wedding in unique way.

A couple from Surabaya held their wedding on ice skating arena. Even the MC was forced to have regular exercise months before so he could at least walk above the ice. What was not less unique when an artist, Iskandar, proposed his wife. He gave an old bike and dual band radio as “mahar” (wedding gift). The wedding ceremony was held in river while they were doing rafting and continued with off-roading passing the merapi. What a wedding!!

When planning wedding for our selves, my hubby and I didn’t think anything unusual. We just wanted it as smooth as can be, and of course it won’t cause rejection from my parents as they preferred it ran by code( read; pakem). The planning itself successfully made our emotion ups and downs. We faced many unexpected things. Budget which abruptly swole, just to mention one of it. We designed the wedding by ourselves with help and contribution of some family members. It’s just never thought before that we could do such things. Again, love can make people do anything.

7 Stages of Marriage

Enduring married life is nice and fun so far. That’s what I said to a Singaporean colleague several days ago when He came to my office. Yeah it is. So far, I haven’t met the so-called hell of marriage with my hubby. But hey, I am not that naive coz I know anytime soon, such things will intervene in our happy life.

Referring to what elaborated in book 7 stages of Marriage, the phase where my husband and I are now is called Passion. In this phase couple often finds romance and intense attraction between them which lead to commitment. This is also said as honeymoon phase.

Further to the passion phase is realisation phase.Well, this phase is marked with disappointment and conflict. In such unavoidable phase, couple can lay groundwork for a long future hand in hand.

Marriage life is about sharing ( I ever wrote about this, remember???). The collision between self interest and shared interest often found in this phase, Rebellion. Expert says that knowing the difference bteween a destructive desire to flee and a healthy need to be your true self will be important passing this phase.

After three stages before-stated, there it goes the cooperation phase where marriage means building career, managing money and household or raising children.Watchout!! This phase can be rocky.

Reunion phase is when all children grow up and couple as parents can enjoy their time together, endure their quality of time. Remembering the nice memories when just guet married, I bet:D.

Job loss, deteriorating illness or death can happen in the explosion phase. Couples are challenged if their marriage is a source of solace or sorely tried by new roles, limitation and fears.

After going through the rocky path, experiencing agony and celebrating joy together, couples arrive to a phase where they know they have bigger understanding and better pay-off in the process of two becoming one. This is where blissfull moments are very near and this is what you call Completion.

So, in what stage are you now?? Let’s put endeavour to win our future ahead!!

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I am learning that marriage is kinda mix salad in a bowl. In there, you may find crunchy vegetable, soft fruit, the sweet flavor from fruits, salty one from mayonnaise and sour sometimes bits.

If I may make an analogy, those are what we experience in marriage life, the combination of twos, each with different personality traits, attitudes, or background. Don’t choose only the fruit or merely lick the mayonnaise. Despite, you have to eat it as a part with your silver spoon. That’s the way I conceive it.

Don’t worry, salad remains salad, and it stays and will always be delicious to enjoy. Freshening…by nature:)

PS: written after a nice chat with Brandalan in the afternoon.


The advantage of being two, my husband says is you can share yours with your partner and vice versa. For example, when deciding to buy a book, my husband asks for my consideration which is to buy, then of course I will give my opinion gladly to him. Unavoidable, in his choosing, there’s my reference. I can read his books and he can read mine as well.

We have our own reading but we never mind to share what we have. As for me, every month I always buy Reader Digest (RD). This tiny magazine is very helpful to help me learning English. Besides, the information contained is very various, from science, technology, health, psychology up to simple tips. How about my husband? He loves reading National Geographic (NG), a magazine to which I also fall in love. Not only does it contain knowledge, NG also drifts us to fall in love with the beautiful photos captured by its great photographers.

Until know, I keep buying the RD in the small shop-mart near my office. As the month is about to reach its end, I will always go there to find the newest edition. And at home, I read it and my husband would like to know what it’s all about too.

He said, “Hun, don’t discard the RD and NG, instead have all of theme bundled and we’ll display in our library, later in our own home”.

I ever caught him reading RD with full of concentration. Intrigued, I asked him” Why so serious, hun?” and his answer made me laugh,…”because it’s in English”:)).

Uupppss…then I remember what he ever said to me…”this magazine will be a friend of our guest if we have coffee shop or restaurant”. Yeah, a dream that we share together. It’s marriage, the art of sharing:)

happy long weekend.


How was your long-weekend?

I had my long weekend with my husband at Jakarta, not at Jogja this time.

Well, during weekend, we fixed the messy at our home. My husband set the stove and the gas. Sweeping the floor, to mention a few of our activities. After that, we wouldn’t miss the Keju moo Festival at Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan. Many delicious food there. We tried Kebab, Baso Keju and brought home two Martabak Keju Durian (the last one was so full of calorie)

Then on Sunday, I returned to traditional market after being so long not visit it. As a new couple, we needed many things to start up the life. Accompanied by lovely husband, I went to Pasar Minggu which happens not so far from our house at Komplek Hortikultura. Vegetable, ingredients, spice, tofu, tempe and chicken were on my to-buy-list. It’s for the first time I went to the traditional market at Jakarta. I think it’s not really different with those at Jogja. I love the condition, the crowd and bargaining process involved in traditional market. Hopefully we can go there once in a week to fulfill our basic need for one week.

I started cooking for me and my husband since Sunday. It’s a little bit difficult to spare time for cooking in my hectic daily activities. Waking up in the morning, usually I prepared simple breakfast for my husband, such as cereal with milk. But for weekend, it’s should be special. No more cereal. I promise to him to cook more often and he does agree with me. Besides healthier, cooking by myself is much friendly to monthly budget. Isn’t it hun???

Next weekend, I am looking forward to more fascinating activities, and of course with my husbandJ

Greater than Life

I’ve been through many wonderful things, but what I experienced a week ago is definitely the most lovable one. I had my wedding, one thing I was dreaming about in my mid-twenty:)

The moment was very extraordinary, it’s beautiful, touching, lovable and many other words I couldn’t express.

I should thank to many people who helped me and my husband to make it. Our wedding was finally realized, and  thank to God everything was running smoothly as planned.

Despite the exhausted condition left to us, we’re very glad to know our guest enjoyed the wedding and food. Within two hours, we stood, shook hand and of course smile…’s really tiring you know:p

After having the five-day honeymoon, now we are back to Jakarta, starting to work again. And of course, now we live at our lovely house (to be honest, it’s still messed up:D).

How it feels to have a husband? It is great and wonderful. I have someone to hold, to share things, happiness and problem. Seeing him beside me when I wake up is so amazing. I just love the moment I spend with him, my lifetime partner and I will take every moment of me with him.

Hhhmm…tonight, we will discuss about our financial road map. Dear, with you, I just want to pursue simple dreams as you are greater than life for me:)

People You Meet

An inspiring writing of my beloved friend Fenny. Click this to read this and we’ll learn that, indeed, we can’t hurry love, yet just have to win it. And by the Allah permission, I will win it completely within weeks.