Quick Style Tips

As any mother will know, being a parent can sometimes mean that you don’t have much time to spent on making yourself look great. However, that doesn’t mean that mothers can’t still take pride in their appearance, and enjoy looking stylish. If you are looking to find quick and easy ways to make sure you always look great, then here are a few tips to consider.

If you don’t have the time or the energy to spend your days trawling around the shops in order to update your wardrobe, then don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to make sure you still look stylish using what you’ve already got. One of the best ways to add the finishing touch to almost any outfit is by accessorising. Simply add a beautiful ring from somewhere like 77diamonds, or an eye-catching necklace, and you will find that you are able to dress up your entire outfit in seconds. Jewellery fashions tend to come and go, so take a look through items which you no longer wear, and see of there is anything which might compliment your clothing.

If you are leaving the house in a rush, then dry-shampoo can be something of a miracle worker. If your hair looks like it might need a wash, then dry shampoo can help to revive it, giving you voluminous locks which smell amazing! A small pocket-sized hairspray can also be useful for taming unruly hair whilst on the go, as you can simply pop it in your handbag, and use as necessary. In addition, it is worth remembering that a red shade of lipstick will always add a touch of glamour to your look, even if that is the only make-up which you are wearing.

what’s in 2012

2012 is going to be an excellent year, I plan. We will start this year with vacation…yeay we really long for holiday after abundance of works through 2011. It will be an extending holiday as we will be off for three weeks. Three weeks? Yup it is. So, we’re now busy delegating our task to our staff so the daily chores that we’re used to do will be running smoothly without us.

After the pleasant vacation, we hope to get the energy and more insights to be applied at our next projects. My hubby is in on- going process of launching a new product with his team. I will be also occupied to deploy several projects which are related to my e-commerce business. And the most exciting is one of the project will be requiring us to travel to several cities!

This year we also hope our lovely house will be ready to be settled in. And once it’s ready, we will move to Jogja. And before it, I need to complete a series of course to gain a new competency.

Overall, we are hopeful to obtain more success ahead this year!

Happiness only Real when Shared

I am happy….

Because I can share my experience on parenting with my friends who just entered their new motherhood life. We discuss about rational use of medicine, on how conducting home treatment for kiddos, on what illness that can be cured without medicine, on how to stimulate toddler to walk, on teaching them how to brush their teeth, on how face picky-eating kiddos.

I am happy..

As I can share my home-made food recipe for kiddos. Yeah, I love to modify with the recipes. And I can’t be happier if I my friends can try it too and their kids love it. I was also a winner in recipe creation competition powered by a mailing list where I am a member.

I am happy…

For now I can employ some people and they are so dedicated. I am glad that I all of them are now economically empowered. One of my employees now is attending college. She takes the weekend class. My hubby and I support her as we see that she has a potential to be a leader in whatever she does. It seems that the virus disseminating to other staff. Hopefully another staff will soon attend night-class college:)

I am happy….

Since I have a happy small family. A growing-healthy-chubby-smart son and a supportive-hilarious-caring husband really make my life. I am happy as I now I have strong interest in baking. I bake almost every week. The cake I successfully baked were cheese cake, muffin, banana cake, tape (sweet-sour fermented cassava) cake. Today I plan to bake brownies as a companion of our fast breaking. Ssttt…I am looking forward to attending sushi course. Later I will update!

What’s your happiness?

Achievement in January

Woww….January almost ends. I still feel the energy and optimism to go on another months coming. Hopefully they will be increasing and increasing until the end of the year.

This January is so special for me. There are several reasons why.

First, I could accomplish my first speech at Jakarta Toastmaster Club. It took some times to deliver the speech since I joined the club at the end of 2010. Joining this club is something I am always excited. The atmosphere is so positive. The member? Don’t ask. They are very energetic and I learn a lot from them. The way how senior members deliver their speech in English smoothly really provokes me to improve my public speaking skill. Now I am about to deliver my second project. I am so excited!

Second, my lovely sunshine, Avicena a.k.a Supercun celebrated his first birthday. I am super mommy who’s very proud with my motherhood. The child really completes my happiness. Following my resignation from Telkomsel last September, I can do many things. I cook, try new recipe, go to gym, read more books, and of course play with Cena. He’s a warmhearted boy I adore. I love him so much. And being with him time by time is my ultimate achievement.

Third, after experiencing kinda dis-confident  situation my English skill, I finally regain my confidence back. I got satisfying score in my last IELTS test. With the score, I can be categorized as a good user. Yippieee

I look forward to accomplishing many things in February. Will keep you posted!

Happy New Year 2011

2010 almost ends. These recent days were colored by many incidents and moments. Last night we just watched the fight of our soccer team against Malaysia. Despite Indonesia’s winning, we still failed to be entitled the cup due to the goal aggregate. Many days before last night, people were queuing to get the final ticket. Not easy. However, they were more willing to line sneaking to get the ‘passport’. It isn’t sugar coating that the nationalism emerging among us is the best thing to close the year. We share something important. We have this game to show that we’re proud of being an Indonesian. We forget the hurtful moments along 2010. It seems that we’re so optimized with this final game. Putting asides the issue of overexposing, we just want this game for us. And that it is, even the team was failed, we still give our pride on them.

The 2011 is nearly coming. I really learn that 2010 has been running so fast. I remember that a year ago I was waiting to deliver a baby. And next January, he will celebrate his first anniversary. His delivery to the world is the best thing ever happened to me this year. Growing and nurturing him even is much better. Because of him, I dared to take an important decision in my life. Yes, I quit from my nicely-paid job. Starting from September, I became a mompreneur, a mummy who is taking full responsibility of her son and manages a business from home. Resignation, definitely, wasn’t included in my 2010 resolution because early that year I never imagined that I could make this move. I am just happy that I had a courage to do so. My time now is nicely manageable as I can do the business at home while taking care of my son assisted by a nanny. But most of my time is dedicated to him. I can bath him and feed him as often as I want.

I am very optimistic with the next year that I plan many things to achieve. In some targets, I really put my effort because I want to gain the best result.  I can do many things now and that simply makes me satisfied.

Some people love to write down their resolution, whereas some others prefer to leave them alone in mind or letting the year passing by. Well, whatever option that you belong, I’d like to say “happy new year”.

Yard of my Dream

The price and value of a land in Jakarta are indisputably expensive. That’s the fact I found having more than three years lived in this city. My hubby ever did a small research on the price of land along the warung buncit and mampang street. The average price there is 11 million per meter square. The same price applies for the land located in small street (a.k.a gang) in Kebon Sirih Area. No wonder the price of boarding house in that location is soaring, even with limited facility.

Maybe because the price is expensive, land owners in Jakarta maximize the usage of the their land. Therefore they just leave a little space for yard and big portion for house. Just like the house that I am currently renting. We don’t have any yard at all. Terrace and fence, and after that is street. With such condition, I can’t dream of having small garden in front of my house and do gardening just like my mom does every weekend or just simply talking to her orchids. For her it’s a a special time after five 8 to 5 working days.

My hubby and I share the similar dream. We want to have a big-wide yard, if possible as wide as yard of my ex house in Gejayan. We know it’s impossible to have such in Jakarta as it will require lotta money. I ever suggest why not buying at Bantul, Yogya where we can find wide land at affordable cost. I imagine of having rice field surrounding our small house and open kitchen and invite friends to taste my home-cooking meals. Isn’t it lovely?? My hubby considers my idea as well, but for sure not at the nearest time.

Still related with land. Several weeks a go, my friend Ika told me that she was also interested to buy a wide land in Yogya. She figured out that the land that she and her hubby wanted was quite expensive. Therefore she asked me a favor just in case I got any info about affordable land in Kaliurang, Jogja. Once I asked why she wanted the wide one, she replied ” I want to build a free play yard for children”. Oh Ika..it’s very kind of you. At least you already have a cute house with lovely yard now:)

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Many times, I know I no need any particular reason for being happy. The feeling just pops up inside of me when I sit in from my desktop, starting my day with hectic business. It’s just felt when my hubby drops me at the office and picks me up when I’m done or when I call up my parents on phone. I don’t plan it. I never plan to be happy. It’s just inside of me, wiping away my sadness and other wasting-time mourning.

And this little tiny creature who will complete my life, just like my lovely hubby who’s been staring it since the first time we met. One of songs that I keep singing for my baby in the silent of the night, while feeling the subtle kick inside of my womb, is Somewhere over the rainbow”. The kick is just a divine sign for me as I know my petite miracle says, ” Hello Bunda, I’m already awake. Can’t wait to play with you”.

Indeed, I’m convinced that the joyful of my life is already in me. Thanks God.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high.
There’s a land that I heard of Once in a lullaby.
Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue.
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.
Someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far Behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops, Away above the chimney tops.
That’s where you’ll find me.
Somewhere, over the rainbow, bluebirds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow,
Why then – oh, why can’t I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow,
Why, oh, why can’t I?

The Most Precious Gift of My Life

My birthday this year will be remembered in my life time. Not only because this is the first birthday as a wife and with my hubby near me, but also because I got the most precious birthday gift in my life.

I could see my baby’s heartbeat in my birthday. The length now reaches 1.5 cm. It is so unbelievable for me as there’s a small tiny creature inside my tummy. I never mind dealing with mild vomiting every time I have my meal. Everything I would do as long as it is for the healthy of my baby. Amazing!!

Being a pregnant woman is one of the step of my life and I am so happy that it doesn’t take a long time for us to have a baby. By Allah permission, within 7 months ahead, I will deliver my child and nurture him/her. Growing and nurturing them are not an easy job. Children are the divine gifts from God. We take the responsiblity of taking care of them, teaching them good values and fulfilling their soul with good virtues. We are the one who will be the role model and we can’t just behave as we like. Children will grow their respect to us and we as parents should feed their soul.

I learn a lot from my friends at office. Most of them are young couple with one or two children. Listening to their story teaches me so much thing. I can get the lesson learned and I wish I can apply to my children later.

Having a baby inside my tummy makes me enthusiastic. This baby really completes my life. I love u my lil sweet angel, even when you’re not born yet:-*

Mr. Right

My status on Facebook this morning intrigued some friends to comment. Okay let me explain why I wrote that statement as my status. It started  from a chat with a best friend several days ago.  She’s in the crossroad whether to give a man, whom she’s not in to, a go or be patient for another one, she’s longing for.

My friend concedes to me that she chooses being patient for her Mr. Right instead of forcing her self to give her heart to a man she does not love. I have two say that both men have bright future. They have what women require from a man as their life time companion, materially speaking.

She keeps her heart to a man who’s has not shown sufficient clues that he’s also in love with my friend. While the other man has said the three words to her, I Love You. “Life is to short to love with just anybody” she says. In her waiting for the significant other, her Mr. Right, I know that she doesn’t want to push her self further with the man whom she doesn’t have heart to. She wants no regret later and thinks that the smartest way out is managing herself to answer question” when will your turn” in every occasion she encounters with old friends or after presenting wedding party of colleague.

She’s not the one who faces such condition. I have several friends who also have similar circumstances.  The question starts when we graduate and find a job. Okay, you have a job then what? Don’t you want to move further? When will you get married. And still many other questions emerge. That also happened to me years ago. Now, I never have that kind of question any longer. And I am so overwhelmed that I don’t live my life with just anybody, a settled man who’s willing to marry me, but a man that means a lot to me. And next question is, “What about baby??”.

Love your Teeth

I should know what’s in mind of person who said that toothache is much better than heartache. As long as I know, toothache leaves nothing but pain, not only on the teeth themselves, but also at head. At the end, it brings toothache and headache at the same time. Perfect!!But if I have to choose, heartache or toothache, better not each one of them. I prefer to stay healthy, both psych and mental:p.

Generally speaking, tooth is not only functioning aesthetically. It helps us to cut and bite the food we eat.  The delicious pizza won’t mean anything if we can’t eat it. In short, tooth is very important as it’s related with the most important activity in our life, accordingly eating.

Two common problems about tooth are caries and plaque. Maybe some of you have ever experience bad caries that it causes swollen gum. It must be very hurt when chewing. The worse, I ever heard, is because tooth nerves are continuing to other nerves and organ in our body, such as kidney, they can harm the other parts too. The open-decayed tooth is a gate of the gems and bacteria to get in to other parts through the tooth nerves.

Departing from awareness that tooth health is a must, Ogi and I visited dentist yesterday. It’s a plan which had been delayed for weeks actually. Yes, both of us we’re lazy to go to the dentist and chose to go other errands in weekend. But no again yesterday. We had to. And the result, I got caries in four teeth. Ogi had the same number too. What a shame!!!
Unlike Ogi who was willing to go to the dentist as he felt hurt in his teeth, I felt nothing. My intend was just having minor checking on my teeth and didn’t expect that they were in trouble. No pain, no hurt, but it turned out that they were sick. The caries would have been worse just in case we didn’t check it. Thanks God we went there!! Finally.

As the dentist suggested ” Have a regular checking every six months will help us to monitor our tooth health”, we will go there in June or July. It should really work on us!