Building Dream

The first time I set my eyes to the house, I knew exactly that it was the same house I saw at the photo. In several chattings, the owner invited me to visit her home sweet home.  However, due to time limitation , I couldn’t go there until last Sunday, finally I touched down at that sweet castle. rumahsenyumpagi, that’s the call.

I should admit that the location is quite far from my home, approximately 1.5 hours to get there. Ika said that we’re great as we could find the house without making a phone call to her.

The look of the house? Extraordinary one, with the a pretty tall wall in the left side. Entering the home, the black tiles decorate the floor. My fave one is the large windows surrounding the house, allowing sun shining in to the house. Perfect!

What amazes us isn’t only the appearance of the house, but the story that the house was built before they married. Never did we dream to build a house before we tied a knot last August, but Kelik and Ika made it. Reading the story in the blog, I find the spirit they gathered in house building process. I know there’s a bunch a love in the house, in the frames on the wall, and in their littleluckyfrangipani.

Looking up to them makes me dare to dream. A dream I have been long chasing, but so shame putting little courage in it. On our way home from rumahsenyumpagi, I discussed a lot with my hubby in the car and we knew that the time has come, to build our dream.

Happy new year all. Seize your dream and make it real in 2009:)

Ruined Holiday Plan

Holiday mood is already in the air but definitely I won’t spend the new year eve anywhere, probably at home, this time.

So sad that I have to cancel my plan to Bidadari Isand with my hubby and Wipi along with Camat as well. The notification that I can’t get my leave is so near to the edge, even when Wippie already paid the down payment. Aaaghhh!!!

Okay, my plan to Bangka Belitung is failed, then to Padang Bukittingi is also same and when I try to find some luck at Bidadari Island, it turns out ending sadly too! Sorry my lovely huckelberry. Next year we are going to destinations we are dreaming(with a note:asal blom hamil lho ya…)

Countless Blessing

Last night, we cruised the street along our way home, accompanied with rain. We’re wet at home.

When can we afford a car, dear?

I don’t know. We have to save our money first.

But when the money is available, there will be another need waiting.

Hmmmm…we have to be grateful of what we have now. We have shelter (though there’s a leak in the ceiling), we have rain-coat (so we weren’t wet at all). Thanking to God as there are a lot of people who aren’t as lucky as we are. 

Can we list blessings God has been giving to us? It’s countless. Once again, thank you:)

It’s Hard and Tough; The Life in the Street

What people say about life in the street was hard, proven yesterday, and I became one of the witnesses.

I was taking angkot to a beauty center near Ragunan from my home. It was a hot day. The street wasn’t full, nor empty, unlike work day. When the angkot approached to the Jatipadang intersection, it lapped a small bus (Kopaja). Succesfully doing that, abruptly it was hit from the back. The kopaja hit the angkot I was in.

Then, it can be predicted. The angkot driver was mad and got off the vehicle. While checking the damage, the kopaja driver shouted unpleasant words toward him which of course evoked his emotion. The angkot driver challenged the kopaja driver to get down but it was useless. Shortly they were invloved in fierce arguments. It was as hot as the day, causing people sweat alot and angry easier.
The angkot then continued the route. The driver said that he would take a revenge to the kopaja driver, which happened having the similar end terminal, accordingly Ragunan. I was terrified within the vehicle and said to him” Sabar ya, Bang. Sabar”. I suggested him to be patient. But I didn’t know if he took it. Like I was clueless if the fight would really happen after that in Ragunan.

Oh yeah, it was really hard there, life in the street.

Run a Business and Enjoy Much More Time

Being raised by a mother, who’s a career woman, as a daughter I wanted to follow what my mum was doing. I was dreaming as a career woman as well. I think it’s a natural because I was living in an environment where I looked up my mum as a role model.

Building pathway there, I studied hard while keeping choose the career option suitable for me. I found what I wanted to be when I was in a senior high school. Diplomat, i thought, was cool after reading  a story about an Indonesia ambassador.

Okay, the fact that I am not becoming a diplomat didn’t make my parents disappointed. Instead they could really understand that finally I indeed never wanted to be there. Many considerations why I never applied to that institution. And now I am working in telco company, a new field for me which doesn’t make me inferior but on the contrary gives challenges for me.

Before entering a real work-world, I never paid attention about career option in non-formal path, being an enterpriser, for example. I have several friends who build successfully their business. And even I get envy with my husband who has more flexible time than me.

Chatting with a friend several days ago, she gave me an enlightenment about working as enterpeneur.  She elaborated several advantages working at home (she owns an online boutique). The best advantage is having much more time with children at home, which is the most precious one.

I share similar idea with her. Looking the condition I am facing now, the time I have with my husband is limited due to my work thingies. Even it’s only 8-5, we think it doesn’t really worth except for weekend. Just can’t imagine how much time I can devote to my children later, if I remain working this way:((.

My husband keeps encouraging me to start up a business. It’s not easy for that who has a labor-mentality like me:D. I have to learn with him and my other friends who are in their way to build a business and dare to leave their nicely-paid job.

What about you, my deary fellas???

Our New Habit

There’s a moment that my hubby and I always wait for. Before going sleeping, we never miss our ritual, reading magazine and book. My hubby longs for time reading Tempo, his fave magazine and I will be drifted in my reading. Now I am reading a popular book about Nokia.

We know that reading in sleeping position isn’t good for our eye’s health. But we keep doing it anyway. I have been doing it since I was a child and Thanks God I don’t have any problem with my vision.

My hubby says that it’s one of the best moment, reading a book which eventually takes him to the sleepiness. There’s prominent change on his habit. Before married, he often sleep after 12 PM. But now, the maximum threshold is 9 PM because there’s a nice reading waiting. Good habit hun:)

Welcome Wet-Cool Rainy Season

Rainy season is underway. It has come since several days a go. It’s been leaving its mark on the muddy land, on the wet street, in the splash of water.

Rainy season this time is pretty much different with that last year. My time to arrive at home is longer. First because it’s farther. Then, when it rains, I prefer to go home by taking busway. Within my way home, I was so upset finding that the busway route was occupied by cars, buses and motorbikes. It took more than one hour to get to Jatipadang shelter, the nearest one with my home.

This is my first rainy season at new home, with a husband:). Last weekend, the ceiling was leaking. Thus, we had to deal with anything to prevent the water going everywhere in our room. I never had such problem before and suprised when it really happened to my house. Previously, I had my father to take care everything. This time, I have to fix it with my husband.

The temperature is getting chiller. When the time has passed its peak, the cool is getting lower. When raining, I have to gather more courage to get up early, conquering my lazyness to remain under warm blanket and wake up my husband.

I love this rainy season anyway because it’s just like a perfect time to sip hot jasmine tea. It’s very nice to have a cup of cappucino and enjoy it, only both of us or just stay under blanket while watching tv cable or reading interesting books.

I love this rainy season, just like its way. Welcome cool-wet rainy season.

Finally, Aora TV

After discussing some considerations, finally we have a new channel at our home. My hubby, a football geek, can’t live without watching premiere league:p. And now, we’re one of Aora TV subscriber, though it only has several good channels.

Happy watching hun:)


My satisfaction with the mass transportation in Indonesia is never fulfilled. Again, this year I am disappointed as I can’t go home to Jogja with the nice-affordable mode.

It’s commonly known that nearing to Eidl Mubarak, there’s a huge surge of people commuting from Jakarta to other cities. People are more than willing to take any risk, despite conditions such as poor facilities or increasing fares, as long as they can go home for celebrating Eidl Mubarak at their hometown. Unfortunately, the condition of transportation modes remains similar year by year. No improvements at all. No enhancement on the number, quality or access to get it. Even, recent years, mudik with motorcycle has been becoming a trend. Why? One of the reason as it’s cheap than taking buses or trains or planes. Meanwhile, motorcycle is basically not designed to transport people within far distance. Moreover, it’s less safer than anykind of mode.

Three years ago, the first year I worked at Jakarta, I stood in line for getting one ticket to go home to Jogja. That was my first ritual of mudik, anyway. i queued for almost two hours and started it since dawn just left, 5:30 in the morning to be precise. By the time I was getting near to the locket, I had to be discontent as it’s announced that the executive ticket was sold out. The one left was business class. I had no choice. And I got one business ticket, but only for a short period as I shortly sold it to a friend. My mum didn’t allow me to take the business class. ” It was too dangerous for a woman like you” She said.

The broker or middlemen, to my opinion, are very powerful in this “critical” moment. Can you find any reason why a locket which was just open about three minutes but could sell all tikcets quota?? It’s insane and ridiculous. It really happened when my friend queued for executive train ticket at Gambir early last month. That’s why I was so so so pessimistic if I can have one no matter effrorts I did, except buying with the broker itself:D. Don’t you think they cheat with the insiders:))??

This afternoon, my husband left me earlier to Jogja with Ayik, Ajik and Herman. They drive car and need to be at Jogja soon. Dad will embark from Bandung and pick Mummy at Cirebon. Both of them will take a car cruising the north coast route (pantura) in the peak moment. Tomorrow, in the evening, I’ll go with plane, whose fare is doubled than usual:((. Soon, we’ll meet at Jogja.

Anyway…”selamat mudik” everybody:)


The advantage of being two, my husband says is you can share yours with your partner and vice versa. For example, when deciding to buy a book, my husband asks for my consideration which is to buy, then of course I will give my opinion gladly to him. Unavoidable, in his choosing, there’s my reference. I can read his books and he can read mine as well.

We have our own reading but we never mind to share what we have. As for me, every month I always buy Reader Digest (RD). This tiny magazine is very helpful to help me learning English. Besides, the information contained is very various, from science, technology, health, psychology up to simple tips. How about my husband? He loves reading National Geographic (NG), a magazine to which I also fall in love. Not only does it contain knowledge, NG also drifts us to fall in love with the beautiful photos captured by its great photographers.

Until know, I keep buying the RD in the small shop-mart near my office. As the month is about to reach its end, I will always go there to find the newest edition. And at home, I read it and my husband would like to know what it’s all about too.

He said, “Hun, don’t discard the RD and NG, instead have all of theme bundled and we’ll display in our library, later in our own home”.

I ever caught him reading RD with full of concentration. Intrigued, I asked him” Why so serious, hun?” and his answer made me laugh,…”because it’s in English”:)).

Uupppss…then I remember what he ever said to me…”this magazine will be a friend of our guest if we have coffee shop or restaurant”. Yeah, a dream that we share together. It’s marriage, the art of sharing:)