It’s not Ludruk that We Watched!!!!

In my office, we always turn on television when we are getting bored with our tasks. Sometimes, it keeps turning on even we never watch it (what a shame!! It is energy-consuming guys!). The load in our head usually reaches its peak when the time approaches 12 PM and around 3-4 PM. That’s when we spend little time to watch the television. The shows vary as we have TV cable connection.
Just like this morning. Our vice president killed his time by changing the menu of the shows in the TV. Suddenly, he laughed. Spontaneously we looked him and asked him why he did. It turned out that a local TV from Surabaya broadcasted an Indian movie. Nothing’s funny right? But, when we listened to the dialog, we found out why our Vice President laughed. The dialog was dubbed in the mother tongue of where that television located. The dialog was dubbed in Surabaya-accent. It sounded like Ludruk, a local art performance, if just we didn’t watch the picture. However, when we looked at the television, it’s totally different. It’s not Ludruk that we saw, but a movie imported from India.
Such a breakthrough!! A clever way to preserve local language as well! However, I think we need a thing. Why should India-imported movie that was played? Why didn’t Indonesia movies?  From my point of view, film is proven as an effective media to convey message to the watchers. If just a movie can be produced to capture and reveal the problem and economic-social situation in society, I believe it can raise public awareness of the current conditions. It won’t be only an entertainment product but also be an agent of raising everyone’s consciousness. Local movie revealing local problem and situation, conveyed in local language, when will it be realized?!?

Cheap Medicine vs. Expensive Medicine

Last week, due to the cough i had, i wen to a doctor. Having diganosed my malade, the doctor gave me a prescription which i had to buy in a drugstore in the same clinic. My name was called by the cashier to pay the drugs i bought. For the cough i had and the doctor fee, i must pay 360.000. Geez…it’s very expenisve just for the cough. For me it’s not realy burdensome as fortunatley my company will reimburse all medical cost i paid. I imagine what if that amount should be afforded by people who are not lucky like me. If to be healthy is such expensive, how this country can improve its people quality?

Uuughhh…i just can hope the cheap medicine launched recently by Ministry of Health may assist most of people in Indonesia. I am convinced the quality of cheap medicine is as a good as the expensive one. And one thing, as a patient i must have asked the doctor the kind of drugs and why he gave me that. In short, i must have been aware about my right as a patient. It’s the lesson-learned i get.  


Let’s Go Honeymooning

Yesterday, when supervising a vendor performing simulation in Sukarno-Hatta airport, my colleague, Wulan, asked me to accompany her to take tickets. I asked her where she wants to go. She just smiled at me without replying anything. As I knew that she’s going to marry this July, I guessed that she bought tickets for honeymoon. I was right:)
Honeymoon, can be said ‘a-must’ ritual a new couple has after they marry. Usually, they go to special place which hopefully will be memorable all the times. However, it depends on the couple themselves whether they want to go or not. The place is kind of “sanctuary” where the couples may hide from any disturbance…hehehehe
Then, I remember a friend who is now furthering her study in Oz. In between her activity working with her thesis, she works in a department store where she can earn more money than usual graduate student. She concedes that she wants to earn money as many as possible. For what?? So, when she marry, she has enough money to go honeymooning.
Another colleague, who’s going to marry this early of June, has planned his honeymoon as well. He chooses Malaysia instead of my recommendation to go to Bali or Lombok. I don’t know his considerations choosing Malaysia. I think Bali and Lombok are much better than Malaysia. After all, it depends on him and his wife-to-be.
Back to Wulan. I asked her how she managed the honeymoon. After telling me many things, she asked me, ’When will your turn Thea?” and I just smiled toward her.
Have you planned anyway?

May Day..May Day!! A Call for Unity

Today, a thousand of labors gather to do massive rallies to mark the International Labor day. In several big cities, such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung, the rallies occur in several spots.

This year, the rallies protest the contract system, an amendment to a 2003 labor law and a severance pay scheme that does not compensate workers enough.

In Indonesia, the condition of labor is saddening. In addition to the small payment they receive, the work condition itself to some extent is bad. Moreover, the labor law mostly defends the big entrepreneurs’ interests. It’s very saddening to know that many labors only can earn money for their own lives. They hardly afford their families’ needs.

This morning, I was invited to join the rallies representing the workers alliance of my company. Too bad, due to my tight schedules, I couldn’t join them. But surely, I will always support all efforts for a better condition of labor in Indonesia. Regardless our background, our professional occupation, our salary or our company, I am convinced we should be united to support the interests our friends urge in this May Day Celebration. Thus, a win-win solution for labors and entrepreneurs will emerge.

One more issue. As Indonesia is a country who hasn’t recognized 1 May as national holiday, most workers alliances urge government to recognize it as national holiday. Meanwhile, many countries in the rest of the world have done.