Quick Style Tips

As any mother will know, being a parent can sometimes mean that you don’t have much time to spent on making yourself look great. However, that doesn’t mean that mothers can’t still take pride in their appearance, and enjoy looking stylish. If you are looking to find quick and easy ways to make sure you always look great, then here are a few tips to consider.

If you don’t have the time or the energy to spend your days trawling around the shops in order to update your wardrobe, then don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to make sure you still look stylish using what you’ve already got. One of the best ways to add the finishing touch to almost any outfit is by accessorising. Simply add a beautiful ring from somewhere like 77diamonds, or an eye-catching necklace, and you will find that you are able to dress up your entire outfit in seconds. Jewellery fashions tend to come and go, so take a look through items which you no longer wear, and see of there is anything which might compliment your clothing.

If you are leaving the house in a rush, then dry-shampoo can be something of a miracle worker. If your hair looks like it might need a wash, then dry shampoo can help to revive it, giving you voluminous locks which smell amazing! A small pocket-sized hairspray can also be useful for taming unruly hair whilst on the go, as you can simply pop it in your handbag, and use as necessary. In addition, it is worth remembering that a red shade of lipstick will always add a touch of glamour to your look, even if that is the only make-up which you are wearing.

Yard of my Dream

The price and value of a land in Jakarta are indisputably expensive. That’s the fact I found having more than three years lived in this city. My hubby ever did a small research on the price of land along the warung buncit and mampang street. The average price there is 11 million per meter square. The same price applies for the land located in small street (a.k.a gang) in Kebon Sirih Area. No wonder the price of boarding house in that location is soaring, even with limited facility.

Maybe because the price is expensive, land owners in Jakarta maximize the usage of the their land. Therefore they just leave a little space for yard and big portion for house. Just like the house that I am currently renting. We don’t have any yard at all. Terrace and fence, and after that is street. With such condition, I can’t dream of having small garden in front of my house and do gardening just like my mom does every weekend or just simply talking to her orchids. For her it’s a a special time after five 8 to 5 working days.

My hubby and I share the similar dream. We want to have a big-wide yard, if possible as wide as yard of my ex house in Gejayan. We know it’s impossible to have such in Jakarta as it will require lotta money. I ever suggest why not buying at Bantul, Yogya where we can find wide land at affordable cost. I imagine of having rice field surrounding our small house and open kitchen and invite friends to taste my home-cooking meals. Isn’t it lovely?? My hubby considers my idea as well, but for sure not at the nearest time.

Still related with land. Several weeks a go, my friend Ika told me that she was also interested to buy a wide land in Yogya. She figured out that the land that she and her hubby wanted was quite expensive. Therefore she asked me a favor just in case I got any info about affordable land in Kaliurang, Jogja. Once I asked why she wanted the wide one, she replied ” I want to build a free play yard for children”. Oh Ika..it’s very kind of you. At least you already have a cute house with lovely yard now:)

If just we’re not at Jakarta

I love Jogja and so do my fellas who ever lived and stayed at that lovely city. Our love to the exotic city never and will never fade even though now we are living in Jakarta. Many times we dream and keep reminding each other what if we remain staying at Jogja. It’s kinda too-good-to-be-true dream.

However, we never regret that we leave Jogja for Jakarta. Even the hectic is so unfriendly. Even the pollution is getting worse. Even we should deal with the traffic everyday. Even it always takes more than hour to get to the office every morning. Even it’s hot. Even the food price is expensive.

Why? Because we learn and get many things here. If Wippie doesn’t stay at Jakarta, she will never enjoy her work at ASEAN secretariat. She will never go traveling around Asia countries.

If Norra and Yanti don’t stay at Jakarta, they would never be in Australia now.

If Fenny doesn’t stay at Jakarta, she will never know how to work in multinational company such as Toshiba and Ericcson and makes a big leap by jumping to AHA center, focusing her interest in Humanitarian Assistance. And so does Ririn, she would never get that huge amount of salary working in supranational body:D.

All my best friends print their own step in Jakarta. Like me, their feeling is still clinging to Jogja and we envy soooo much to those who are “dare” to stay at Jogja now, like Indie and Ajeng, for example.

Someday, may be we will:)

Horn and Horn

Living in Jakarta for  more than two years makes me accustomed with horn sound..teettt..teetttttt.

I see people here are very easy to hit the horn button and seem less patient of waiting.
Yeah people in Jakarta are busy and should move fast (otherwise they will be late).

And now, my hubby is learning to hit the horn button which He never did it before residing at Jakarta. And we are now more familiar with sound of teettt..teeettttt:D

Car Free Day

This time, people who walk and ride bicycle are the king. No cars, buses and motorcycle are allowed to pass the quick line along Thamrin- Sudirman route.

Then What do they do?? Some of them ride bicycle, have a healthy walk or even play football. In every 4th week of each month, Gov. of Jakarta runs a program called Car Free Day. In that day, presiding officer claims that the weather pollution decreases up to 50-60%. In addition, this program gives a larger paling area for Jakarta residents who these days face shortage of playing ground.

This program will be expanded in the near time to other streets such as Jalan Wijaya in Kebayoran ans Sunter in North Jakarta.

It was 10 PM and still Jammed

It was almost 10 PM and I still saw traffic jam in Jakarta.

Last night, Ogi and I passed on Senopati street, then Pierre Tendean after having great dinner at Dapoer Ciragil. Cars, Buses, and motorcycles were trapped in heavy trafiic jam along those streets. As a motorist, it was pretty much easier for Ogi to find a way going through the traffic. But of course not for car riders or bus drivers.

Ogi and I imagined that within two years ahead, there would be a heavier traffic in Jakarta. People live in sub urb, work in business district. They go very early in the morning, and go home late at night. Can they lull their children? Can they accompany their children playing or studying at night?

I have another resolution in my life, Quitting living in this city in the next five years at the latest.

How about you? Do you still want to live in this city???

Happy Voting and Happy Holiday

For those who will vote tomorrow, just bear in your mind” Vote only one who really represents your idea and aspiration”.
And for those who don’t have voting right, but work in Jakarta area, “Happy Holiday”.
Happy Voting and Happy Holiday for all!! See u on Thursday

Jakarta (An Unimportant Note of Me)

I always ask myself why eventually I stay in Jakarta. I am still clueless if I will love this city, have a deep passion with it, and finally decide to live in this hell city!! 

Jakarta, for me is a lover whom I can’t live with it and cant’ live without at the same time. It’s very difficult to choose whether to leave it or back in its arms. Many times, I have been being betrayed with its pollution, its criminality, and its traffic jam. Living in Jakarta, for me, is very time-consuming. Hmmm…I really miss my old lover then. Where I can go everywhere quickly, where no traffic jam, where the breezing air still fresh. But still, I stay in this city, doing my routine, and earning living. The last, I remember, is the ultimate reason why I stay here.  At the same time, Jakarta spoils me with its facilities. It offers great bookstore, amazing exhibitions, high tech-equipped cinemas, delicious food vendors (though quite expensive), places selling fancy things from the cheapest to the expensive one. However, I often feel fed up with its completeness. Very often, I miss the simplicity of my old lover. Jogja, where humbleness and care still exist. 

Yesterday, was the start of campaign day of two candidates of Jakarta’s governor. I have no idea how one of them can dismantle the complexity of this city, full of its problems and difficulties. From where they want to start it? Let’s name the problems. Unemployment, criminality, pollution, massive flood, traffic jam, urbanism, etc. I don’t know how they can grow love and sense of belonging of Jakarta in its people, including me. 

Oh my new lover, in this case I agree with people say about you” As cruel as step mother can be, still crueler is “mother city” or “ibu kota”. Sorry to say, I still love my old lover. And I want to back with it and live there for good.  


A Try in Night

Last night I went to Gambir to buy a bus ticket to Lampung and a train ticket to Jogja. I am going to go to Lampung this weekend as my best friend will hold her marriage there. Next month, I will go home to Jogja for holidayJ.

Having bought those tickets, I was interested to try the new route of busway. Then, I waited the busway in passing in Gambir shelter. Ooppsss…it was full of people. Yet, I kept taking that bus. After that, the bus stopped in Harmoni shelter where the last destination is as well. To be able to reach my boarding house in Mampang, I had to take Kota-Blok M route, and then stopped in Dukuh Atas shelter, where then I should walk on the bridge functioning as connection between one shelter and other shelter. Around that time, many people went home as the business hour ended. As busway now becomes a much safer and comfortable transportation mode, most of people prefer taking it. I was trapped in Dukuh Atas shelter, in among people who were rushed to get home as well. After 20-minute waiting, the busway came along to load us.

Would I get home soon? Not yet, because I had to change to another bus in Halimun shelter!! Meanwhile the distance between Dukuh Atas and Halimun turned out isn’t far. However, I should not be out from the shelter. Other wise, I had to pay 3500 again for entering the shelter. Halimun shelter can be said as a transit shelter as well for passengers who want to take Kuningan-Ragunan route. One more route to take to arrive right in front my boarding house complex, accordingly Kuningan-Ragunan route. Luckily, it wasn’t as full as the previous routes I took. But still, I couldn’t get a seat. I took about fifteen minute to arrive in Hero shelter. Hero Shelter is situated right in near my boarding house. Finally, 8;20 pm, I was in house peacefully. Nice tryJ

Flood is Everywhere

It’s rainy day!! Hallelujah!!!

Rainy season in Jakarta means flood season. Again, big floods paralyze the capital of Indonesia. It’s like annual sickness that infects this big city every year. It’s actually a classic problem, yet the solution to overcome this seems so far to discover.

Like now, vast floods are everywhere with varied heights. The heavy rains which have been starting since last night continue pouring. Honestly speaking, I like this rainy season as the weather isn’t as hot as usual. However, there are many people in certain enclaves are afraid of the coming rainy season as it means that floods are threatening them. Just like last night, I couldn’t sleep until midnight because I was afraid that my area would be one of those flooded areas. Luckily it doesn’t happen. The drainage system in my area can be said one of the well-managed in Jakarta.

As reported in media, the flood continues spreading. Yet, it hasn’t claimed any casualty so far (let’s pray it won’t). Due to this flood, heavy traffic jams are occurring everywhere. Even, some of toll roads become inaccessible. In Kampung Melayu district, about 3000 residents are fleeing to the safer place like school. I watched on TV this morning and found out that their condition is terrible. Lack of dried clothes and meals for children become main issues. It’s worried that windfall effect such as disease will arise.

Hopefully, this won’t be longer. It’s our mutual responsibility to make the city where we live better. It’s true that government is the party who’s responsible on this problem. However, as residents, we have to involve ourselves in contributing efforts to prevent such condition from happening in the future. It’s simple such as not littering in river or public areas or keeping the green areas.