To have a safe, comfortable, and cheap public mass transportations and clean air is such a luxury for Jakarta residents, including me. It resembles my dream to have S5 Mercedes. Meaning, to make it realized needs hard efforts. Yet, we can’t predict when it turns available. Overall, we only hope someday Jakarta with good public transportation. Hence, its people would prefer taking public transportation to driving or riding bike. At last, bad pollution in Jakarta can be diminished.

To my opinion, our government is failed in providing safe, comfortable and cheap public transportation. It can be seen on the growing figures of car and bike in Jakarta. That growing figures contribute to the bad air quality in Jakarta. Transjakarta, which has been recently operated, is proven to decrease the traffic jam in Jakarta. At the moment, DKI’s government is constructing other busway’s corridors, which I believe will trigger more people to use public transportation. In addition, Transjakarta, I think is a clever option. It’s clean, safe, and affordable. Another advantage of using Transjakarta is freedom of traffic jam. It’s kind of incentive that will attract more people to use public transportation.

Our government has to learn to our neighbor, Singapore, where public mass transportation is well managed. The possession of car there is low. The S’pore rapid mass transportation (RMT) is good, clean, safe as well as cheap. Rarely can we find awful traffic jam there. In many developed countries, well-managed public transportation can reduce the possession of cars. Besides, government imposes high tax to the cars’ owner. That’s why people like to take public transportation.

A growth of good public transportation and the decreasing number of cars will end up to a condition we are dreaming of, in which there will be no terrible traffic jam. In addition, we will breathe good air more often than now. Yet, still clueless when it will happen. Phewww..better back to work for Mercedes S5. Hehehe just kidding!!!!!