Do Love your Job

Salary and passion are two most considered once we involve in a job. There are those who disregard the passion as long as they are paid well. Meanwhile, sometimes people also prefer the passion they have in the job, even the salary is not as big as they expect. For the later, satisfaction on the profession they choose is priceless. The luckiest is they who do the job they love and paid well.

Love what you do and you will grow the passion on it!. That’s what’s suggested to people who choose their job because of the salary. It’s so pathetic once we do what we don’t love. Big salary even doesn’t compensate the satisfaction we get. On the other hand, economic reason often compels professional who get lower salary to search another job with higher salary, regardless the job is that they don’t like.

So how to deal with that? For me as long as the job is the one you really have passion to, you have to strive for that. I believe when we do what we love and like, we will perform to the highest limit and gives huge contribution to others. When we give the best performance to our company and institution, it definetely we have a capital to bargain with our manager to get higher position for higher salary. The career path for you will be smooth.  What about for those who work for the big salary? Not many people as lucky as that group. At least they have what others don’t and they have to be grateful for that. How to be grateful? Love the job you do and try to nurture your passion on it. When you do that sincerely, everything will be light and easy.

I do grateful because I work on things that’s more or less related to my educational background, even I join in to Telco company. And for the salary, thanks God it’s more than enough. I love the job, I love to make friends with counterparts from other countries and the most important I can keep practicing my English, written or oral.

What about you? Do you love your job?

Challenge’s sometimes never easy

Thing, sometimes, never goes easy when it comes to target and working under pressure. You are targeted, pushed to achieve certain goal, and assessed by quantity you compile within certain time line. It usually occurs in private sector, like in my company.

I feel it’s pretty much harder for me and my team when the goal is set by the high level management without compromising the condition in the “grass root”. In the name of company’s image, and many times bench marked with the competitor in other countries, we are forced to work harder. It should be dependent on how we see that target, as a challenge or as a barrier. Even week by week we should report to our management how the progress goes far. They always say that more than half of our roaming business is highly reliant on what our team achieve. Okay, we accept that challenge.

It’s never been this tough before, before my director was replaced by the new one and she said” I don’t wanna business as usual”. Then, the target that was set in early of this year is rectified. Our target is doubled.

Sometimes, challenge is never easy for me when I reach the boredom in my pursuant of target. I can’t just work as usual as I have to push my effort even harder. Every time I get to the office, all things I am thinking are related how to achieve the target and make creativity to reach it. I just can’t work in conventional way. It indeed requires out-of-box thinking. In our first quarter this year, we’re failed to achieve the targeted additional roaming partner. The second quarter started this April, and I never want to miss chance that I can make it and say to my boss ” I did it my way”.


Congrats guys….let’s do much better

Run a Business and Enjoy Much More Time

Being raised by a mother, who’s a career woman, as a daughter I wanted to follow what my mum was doing. I was dreaming as a career woman as well. I think it’s a natural because I was living in an environment where I looked up my mum as a role model.

Building pathway there, I studied hard while keeping choose the career option suitable for me. I found what I wanted to be when I was in a senior high school. Diplomat, i thought, was cool after reading  a story about an Indonesia ambassador.

Okay, the fact that I am not becoming a diplomat didn’t make my parents disappointed. Instead they could really understand that finally I indeed never wanted to be there. Many considerations why I never applied to that institution. And now I am working in telco company, a new field for me which doesn’t make me inferior but on the contrary gives challenges for me.

Before entering a real work-world, I never paid attention about career option in non-formal path, being an enterpriser, for example. I have several friends who build successfully their business. And even I get envy with my husband who has more flexible time than me.

Chatting with a friend several days ago, she gave me an enlightenment about working as enterpeneur.  She elaborated several advantages working at home (she owns an online boutique). The best advantage is having much more time with children at home, which is the most precious one.

I share similar idea with her. Looking the condition I am facing now, the time I have with my husband is limited due to my work thingies. Even it’s only 8-5, we think it doesn’t really worth except for weekend. Just can’t imagine how much time I can devote to my children later, if I remain working this way:((.

My husband keeps encouraging me to start up a business. It’s not easy for that who has a labor-mentality like me:D. I have to learn with him and my other friends who are in their way to build a business and dare to leave their nicely-paid job.

What about you, my deary fellas???

My Due-Date Tasks

After cancellation of some overseas and local business trips (do i sound so pathetic???), I have to manage several tasks at my office. They are:

  • Preparing the Socialization of International Roaming to the CRM and CAM division in our regional offices. The roadshow should be completed before the end of December.
  • Catching up with NRTRDE agreement with our roaming partners who are ready going live after 1st Oct 2008.
  • Accelerating the roaming coverage at New Zealand, including the GPRS with the existing operators.
  • Ensuring that by the end of the year, we will have had more than one 3G roaming partners in Spain. Why? Because this will be highlighted by our directors who will attend GSM Congress at Barcelona next February. This task includes managing end-to-end process performed by our IREG engineers and Billing engineers. Let do it better guys.
  • Preparation for next year. Gosh…my target will be doubled. Next action, making list of blank spot in Europe, Middle East and some countries in South America.

What about now? Completing target in Q4, if possible before December as many of our counterparts in Europe will be on their Christmas holiday. Jiayou….!!!

Stay Focus

This morning, my boss and I discussed about the on-going improvement on the program that I run. This is a part of 2-week based regular reporting. We talk about how far my program runs, the interim result and should any problem and barrier prevail, we share the way how to solve it. That processes run lead to one thing. Goal!!

I always remind my self the importance of being focus to a goal, how to achieve it in smart way. Within handling my new assignment, I often feel overload. The target multiplies. However, again I repeatedly say to myself that I have a goal to reach. The goal can be set up by my management (in this way it will reflect our KPI) and by myself.

So far, for the second quarter period I have completed 90% achievement for what targeted by my management. 3 weeks left before this quarter finishes. I wish I can maintain my performance, and of course improve it in another quarters. Let’s do the best. Stay focus!!!

After Two Years

15 May, two years ago, I joined officially with Telkomsel.

How do I feel after two-year working? So far, I’m satisfied with my work here. I thought it would be a completely different world for me.

It is, as I jumped into telecommunication field, a new one for me. Just give you a simple reminiscence when I was clueless about the terms tow years ago. HLR, VLR, TAP IN , TAP Out, just few to mention.

It isn’t as what I learned at the college is useful. Picking here and there from Diplomacy course, Strategy course or Negotiation and Conflict Resolution course, I think that I am enough” equipped” to forge my work here.

A senior colleague tells me that in many occasions, we should be a “diplomat” representing Telkomsel. In several meetings and conferences, I become the ambassador for  my company in front of foreign operators. It’s nice and I love it.

And since a month ago, I have been assigned as the new coordinator of new fields which of course requires more efforts and dedication. I am excited, as a younger I love to have more challenges as it will be very helpful to sharpen my skill (hey..can I still consider myself as a younger if within a days I will be 25 years old?!?!?)

Today, it’s been two years and it means that I will have salary increment. Alhamdulillah:)

Appreciating Others

We never realize the importance of somebody until he or she isn’t around.

I learn an important thing today.

This morning, my office held a halal bihalal. The occasion was on our ballroom which is located in the same floor as my cubicle. The ballroom is usually used for workshops, seminars, meeting, and other occasion attended by many employees. The busiest persons when such occasion comes are our office boys or OB. There are four OBs in my floor. They have to manage the time efficiently between preparing the ballroom and dong clerical job which is their routines. Preparing the ballroom isn’t a piece of cake. Why? Because they have to arrange chairs, move the tables, prepare the sound systems, up to check the lighting. And after the occasion, the OBs have to rearrange the room like it’s used to be, clean up the table, or vacuums the floor.

In addition, they also must do their clerical jobs such as delivering letters or documents from employees of our floor to other floors. Preparing water in the morning is one of their day-to-day to do list besides cleaning up the bin. And not to forget, we often ask their assistance to buy gorengan or lunch when we are bored with the meals in the pantry. To sum up, the OBS in our floor are the busiest among the OBs in other floors.

When I was back to the office last Thursday, there was only one stand-by OB. I knew how hard it was because he had to do many things including doing his friends’ duty. I feel very guilty as I was often lack of patience when one of OBs I called didn’t show up. Regardless the importance of document that must be delivered to other departments, my OBs also had important job they had to do.

Just like this afternoon, my OBs worked together to clean up the mess in the ballroom. They wiped the litter, which was made by the employees with no guilty. If just they aren’t around, I can’t imagine how dirty it will be.

Lesson-learned: No matter one’s position, we have to appreciate it as it also contributes to the existence of our company.


To what country should i send this document Ma’am?

A courrier asked me when i managed to send several documents to my colleagues abroad. I saw the envelope and it’s addressed to Lithuania.

Of course to Lithuania

I replied and he asked more

Is there any country named Lithuania, Ma’am?

And I said it was. Hhmmm, what about if next time i send documents to countries which sound unfamiliar to him such as Eritrea or St. Kitt Navis. Probably, he will ask the same


Minor Mistake

I made a mistake. It’s a minor one actually, yet ruin everything built at the end.

Several weeks ago, I arranged an agreement with two operators. One was from Lithuania and the other was from Hungary. The Hungary thing was well-done. I already sent it to my colleague in Budapest. Today, I managed to send the agreement in Lithuania. While rechecking the agreement, damn, there’s a mistake. In the signatory part, I typed the wrong person and company. What was typed on the paper must be a manager from Lithuania, but I typed the Hungary signatory:-(. Oh no!!!

The consequence?? I have to start with this once again:-)

Lesson-learned: I was so over-enthusiastic that I didn’t recheck once again the job I was done with. Next time, no excuse for mistake like this:-).