Objection Completed:)

Nothing is happier than this day. Because tomorrow is weekend which means time for leisure. And what makes me very happy is I have completed my work target for the third quarter this month. I should congratulate myself for reaching that target this month instead of next month. However, I still want to get another additional roaming partners next month, so what we have will be more than what targeted by our management.

That’s why I can spare more time for working on the project that Ogi and I develop. And I welcome greatly an offer from my management to go to Bali next week for checking our preparation for the next GSM AP meeting in September 2007. Working and having kind of indulgence at the same time?? Hmmm….who can’t resist it? And I am the one who can’t:)

It Never Stands Alone

This is what I have been considering since I went to university seven years ago. Economic decision is closely related with political decision and vice versa. Now I am really facing it. Working for a GSM operator, I handle roaming agreement with overseas GSM operators. This agreement is required before we enter testing phases and finally launch roaming cooperation between two operators. In a week, I found a fact definitely describing what I wrote as topic in my thesis. As I stated in my thesis that economic decision isn’t made in a vacuum space. Many factors affect it, which mostly of them are political factors. Here is the fact.

At the moment, I am still dealing with an operator from Cuba. Every thing was going in right track until he informed that he couldn’t accept the statement that my side would dispatch payment through intermediary bank in America. The problem lies on American blockade. He requires us to made payment directly to its bank. Obviously, even private sector can be massively affected by G to G relationship.

The second occurs in Cambodia. As Cambodia is holding election, we are informed by a GSM operator of Cambodia that they will cut off SMS service from 31st of March to 1st of April 2007. Though still clueless what is reason behind it, we assume that Cambodia’s government tries to impede any info which they consider hostile toward the existing election program. This is of course can decrease that operator income.


I compete with time. March almost ends. Two roaming partners-to be are still dealing with me. It’s completely hard time.

Anyway my honored colleagues, Vinessen Ponnappa Naiken and Fahd Al-Shamiri, are your ready to launch this service this month? Just wanna remind you both…we are competing with time.

I realize now…it’s never such easy. However..keep your spirit alive The!!!!!