Challenge’s sometimes never easy

Thing, sometimes, never goes easy when it comes to target and working under pressure. You are targeted, pushed to achieve certain goal, and assessed by quantity you compile within certain time line. It usually occurs in private sector, like in my company.

I feel it’s pretty much harder for me and my team when the goal is set by the high level management without compromising the condition in the “grass root”. In the name of company’s image, and many times bench marked with the competitor in other countries, we are forced to work harder. It should be dependent on how we see that target, as a challenge or as a barrier. Even week by week we should report to our management how the progress goes far. They always say that more than half of our roaming business is highly reliant on what our team achieve. Okay, we accept that challenge.

It’s never been this tough before, before my director was replaced by the new one and she said” I don’t wanna business as usual”. Then, the target that was set in early of this year is rectified. Our target is doubled.

Sometimes, challenge is never easy for me when I reach the boredom in my pursuant of target. I can’t just work as usual as I have to push my effort even harder. Every time I get to the office, all things I am thinking are related how to achieve the target and make creativity to reach it. I just can’t work in conventional way. It indeed requires out-of-box thinking. In our first quarter this year, we’re failed to achieve the targeted additional roaming partner. The second quarter started this April, and I never want to miss chance that I can make it and say to my boss ” I did it my way”.

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