Children and Creativity

What children wear is disposed by the parents. That statement impressed me upon my reading on an article in national newspaper last week. It enlightens the phenomenon nowadays where children fashion becomes a business, particularly in big cities such as Jakarta. Popular brands, previously working on only adult market, now are embracing new field, accordingly children market. Not to mention the name of the brands, I am sure that they are well known.

Children, of course, don’t know if the apparel they are wearing is branded or not. Parents who know exactly about it. They don’t have any right to decide what is suitable for them and sometimes parents think they know what’s the best for their children. In such condition, they can’t explore what they want. When parents give more spaces for their children to explore what they want to choose and wear, it will give an opportunity for children to trigger their creativity.

Well, it’s just an intermezzo. Principally I haven’t had any idea how to be a mother as I’ve never been there. And I am afraid that I will be one of them, parents who under utilize children’s creativity.

4 thoughts on “Children and Creativity

  1. actually the most important thing about children wear is the comfortness, and but it’s a good consideration if we could bring their creativities too.

    surely, you’ll be a great mother sist.. :)

  2. yep.. some children ‘couture’ are ludicrously expensive! Bahane dikit padahal ya hehehe… And it’s probably not their choice. Like Deddy Corbuzier’s son who wears black since he was born. Yang bener aje :D

  3. iyah..tantangan kita besok pas jadi ortu. bisa gak jadi ortu yang bijak dan mengenalkan kesederhanaan dari keicl di antara pergaulan yang semakin hedonis:d

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