cookies and yearly resolution

Last Ied Fitr, I said to my hubby that the next Ied Fitr I would bake my own cookies. That was a challenge I gave to my self as I was not an expert of baking. I love cooking, my family loves cooking. However, baking is not in our blood. My mum is not in to baking. She prefers cooking to baking, And so do I. I was not growing in baking culture. I grew in cooking culture of my family.

However, I have been nurturing my passion on baking since 3 years ago. It started with an oven I got as my wedding gift. The company was the mixer. Also from the wedding guests. As  a start, I baked the food that I love such as macaroni schottel and lasagna. And then, I tried with the sweet delicacies. I baked banana cake, muffin, brownies or cheese cake. Yet, cookies were not in my list.

I started baking cookies when I needed to make cookies from my son, Cena. It is my commitment to give him fresh food , including snack for him. So, instead of buying instant cookies  (which mostly contains preservative material), I baked it myself for Cena. Then, I continue baking and baking. I try many recipes I find in the internet.

So, as one of 2011 resolutions, I put baking my own Ied Fitr cookies in the list. There are four kind of cookies I have baked: kaastangels, choco chips, lidah kucing and chewy oatmeal raisin cookies. Of each kind, I bake as much as four jars so in total I bake for 16 jars. The cookies will be dedicated for my mother, my mother-in-law, my helper and of course for my family.

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