Cooking; Passion that’s Shared

I love cooking. That passion has been growing since I was a little girl and continues clinging to my heart until now. During my teenage, my mum always asked my hand on the kitchen. In the process of assisting my mum, I learned step by step the basic skill of cooking. Slicing, frying, peeling etc.
My mum loves cooking, which skill she inherits from my granny. Because of her wide networking, she knows many people form different backgrounds. Then she sharpens her cooking skill and develops her knowledge on recipes from other provinces. That’s why since I was a child, I have been used to eat food which is relatively different from other friends. My mum is an expert on cooking bubur manado, ayam rica, botok, pepes aceh, rendang, rawon, ayam bakar bumbu rujak and many others food I can’t list.

Besides learning from my mum, now I love googling to find unique recipes. I enjoy preparing the menu for my hubby and cooking her fave dishes, such as bebek goreng, ayam penyet, tuna fettucine, shabu-shabu, tahu telur, or pecel. Technology is undoubtedly very helpful in this case. It takes no time to find recipe of green tea frappucino, my hubby’s fave beverage. From googling, I know how to make strawberry mousse that I will be cooking in the near time. However, what my mum has taught to me is the principal thing as that’s why I can cook and apply all recipes I take from google.

My mum keeps dreaming to run a restaurant where she can pour her passion on cooking fully. I know that she never has that chance unless she resigns from her current job. Mum is a very hard-working woman that she won’t feel enough of retiring her self after her tenure.Because of that, I guess she will seize her dream and make it true.

What about me? Now I start compiling all recipes which have been practiced so that in the future I have a capital to start my own business. My hubby supports my idea a lot. He wishes that we could manage a unique food place at Jogja. Both of us have worked on the concept of the restaurant. Just wait for the right time to launch it.

I see the similarity of interest between me and my mum. We both love cooking and dream to have our own restaurant. Maybe next, I will share this passion as well to my children:)

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