Countless Blessing

Last night, we cruised the street along our way home, accompanied with rain. We’re wet at home.

When can we afford a car, dear?

I don’t know. We have to save our money first.

But when the money is available, there will be another need waiting.

Hmmmm…we have to be grateful of what we have now. We have shelter (though there’s a leak in the ceiling), we have rain-coat (so we weren’t wet at all). Thanking to God as there are a lot of people who aren’t as lucky as we are.¬†

Can we list blessings God has been giving to us? It’s countless. Once again, thank you:)

9 thoughts on “Countless Blessing

  1. yes, it’s countless
    but sometimes we doesn’t realized what He gave to us
    let’s look around us, they even doesn’t have anything
    they live under the sky roof, they’re wet when the rain is fall, they’re heatstroke when the sun shine schorching

    thanks God, we have everything we need

  2. tapi sering juga kita lupa buat bersyukur.. (apalagi kalo dipanas2in ama orang lain yg “lebih” dari kita..doh!!)
    ada lirik lagu (diambil dari Quran), aku suka banget deh sama lagu+liriknya :
    “nikmat-Nya yg manakah yg kan kau dustakan bila engkau bernafas dgn udara-Nya, nikmat-Nya yg manakah yg kan kau dustakan? tak kan ada!”

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