He always makes me laugh
He knows better how to make me comfortable with myself
Each of my encounters with him is always a memorable moment
Just by looking at my eyes, he knows that I’m sad
He listens to every single word I say
He teaches me how to love without grabbing possessively
Hearty person, I learn how to take care of others from him
As a sad moment came, I cried at his chest
It was when he was sick
Lying weakly on a bed, I saw his hairs whitened
His moustache and beards looked the same way
I held him closely that I could feel his heartbeat near to me
I said slowly to him, “Your daddy girl is coming to you”
He said everything would be okay,
Meanwhile I said to my self how I could be calm if a person that I take care much was sick without showing any significant progress.
He got less thin,
That was I noticed
Beneath his dried skin, I could feel the strong bones which used to protect me.
I fed you up Dad as what I asked you to do with me when I was your little girl
Wanting to get rid of your boredom, I talked to you about many things as I conceived it made you amused.
Now, you’re recovered.
Yet I promise you that you won’t miss me
Once a month I will come to you…
And we can share our stories not only by phone,
But also by talking heart to heart….as friends
 And as father and daughter,
I miss u daddy…..

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