Do Love your Job

Salary and passion are two most considered once we involve in a job. There are those who disregard the passion as long as they are paid well. Meanwhile, sometimes people also prefer the passion they have in the job, even the salary is not as big as they expect. For the later, satisfaction on the profession they choose is priceless. The luckiest is they who do the job they love and paid well.

Love what you do and you will grow the passion on it!. That’s what’s suggested to people who choose their job because of the salary. It’s so pathetic once we do what we don’t love. Big salary even doesn’t compensate the satisfaction we get. On the other hand, economic reason often compels professional who get lower salary to search another job with higher salary, regardless the job is that they don’t like.

So how to deal with that? For me as long as the job is the one you really have passion to, you have to strive for that. I believe when we do what we love and like, we will perform to the highest limit and gives huge contribution to others. When we give the best performance to our company and institution, it definetely we have a capital to bargain with our manager to get higher position for higher salary. The career path for you will be smooth.  What about for those who work for the big salary? Not many people as lucky as that group. At least they have what others don’t and they have to be grateful for that. How to be grateful? Love the job you do and try to nurture your passion on it. When you do that sincerely, everything will be light and easy.

I do grateful because I work on things that’s more or less related to my educational background, even I join in to Telco company. And for the salary, thanks God it’s more than enough. I love the job, I love to make friends with counterparts from other countries and the most important I can keep practicing my English, written or oral.

What about you? Do you love your job?

6 thoughts on “Do Love your Job

  1. Despite the stereotypes/negative comments thrown by people outside my workplace, surprisingly, yes I do.

    *dan makin suka aja kalo lagi ribet, kayak sekarang, berasa harus multitasking antara ngerjain analisis sama blogwalking. hahaha*

  2. I really LOVE the job I am doing rite now. I mean, my job really allows me to keep on learning..
    *the things that I hate about this job would involve the bureaucracy, oh, and to be honest, the payment sucks… but the greeting and the smile from my students really pay it off :D *

  3. yeah, your job is cool, kak ami. particularly it “demands” you to learn much more than your students. the best thing is also when u get wider chances to study abroad obtaining your master. even the payment sucks, it think it will be paid off with the satisfaction u got:)
    keep on learning!!

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