Duck Race; What’s Your Fave???

One of my favorite foods is duck, whether it’s fried, roasted, or made as satay. Every time I have a chance to try new restaurant serving duck, I try not to miss it.

My experience with duck maybe can be a reference for you who are culinary goer, especially duck lover. In Jakarta, I ever visited several restaurants with duck as their specialty. The first one is Bebek 2 which is located in Warung Buncit. Their fried duck is very crispy. While in the roasted duck, the sweetness from the sweet soya bean sauce appears. The duck is more delicious if you eat it with the nice sambal (chili sauce) and lalapan (fresh vegetable). The place is quite large and not too crowd even in lunch time.

Bebek Suryo, located in Senopati area, is also my favorite. Don’t try to come there without reservation for lunch as you may be disappointed for no empty chairs available for you. Besides the duck itself which is nice and delicious, the atmosphere in Bebek Suryo is good and pleasant. Bebek Suryo has a more wide selection of menu than Bebek 2. The serving is more attractive too. For example Bebek Cobek, a fried duck which is served on a cobek (shaped-stone used to make chili sauce). The duck is accompanied with fried tahu and tempe, teri, sayur asem, and also lalapan and sambel. Yummy! However if it’s too big for you, you can order only fried duck or roasted duck. Other specialties are Bebek Penyet and Nasi Goreng Bebek. Bebek Penyet is actually fried duck which covered by overwhelmed chili sauce around it. It suits the hot-spicy lover.

If you go to Tebet, don’t forget to try Bebek Ginyo. This restaurant is quite new and from what I hear is owned by one celebrity of Indonesia:D. There four menus accordingly fried duck, roasted duck, duck with sambal ijo and and crispy duck. The duck there is quite big. I don’t have any idea where they can find duck with such weight. In Bebek Ginyo, we can take the rice as much as the want.

Another place I recommend is Bebek Ciragil. I really love the ambiance in this restaurant. Very chick and attractive! Of course I love the duck also. Bebek Ciragil is situated in Jalan Ciragil. If you head to Kebayoran Baru via Mampang, the place is on your right side.

By recommendation of my friend, I also tried Bebek Bacem Bu Suwarni. Bebek Bacem Bu Suwarni (BBBS) is a must-visited place in Jogja. It’s located near Prambanan Station. The flavor dominating the duck is sweet as bacem is cooking technique by which you cook food with more brown sugar along with other ingredients. The duck flesh is very soft, very nice with combination of warm white rice, sambal, and lalapan.

Above of all restaurants I write before, I really like Bebek Goreng Wongso in Jogja. I think it’s the most delicious fried duck I’ve ever tried. The skin is so so crispy. The flesh is soft and very juicy. The sambel isn’t less nice. It’s made directly when we order. What I like more, Bebek Wongso is accompanied not only with cucumber (just like ordinary lalapan) but also with boiled cassava leaves. Last week I visited Jogja, I directly headed to Bebek Wongso, which is located near Adisutjipto Airport. Nothing is happier than visiting lovely Jogja, being picked up by my lovely huney, and then fulfilling the starving tummy with Bebek Wongso.

So what is your favorite duck???

16 thoughts on “Duck Race; What’s Your Fave???

  1. Yah Sasti…too bad. Padahal di surabaya kan banyak resto bebek enak tuh:). Coba sekali-sekali deh, mumpung masi program wisata kuliner sama Andre:D

  2. Bebek buatannya tanteku enak! :D Bebek yang di pantai Depok juga enak! :D Bebek di Mai-Mai, yang satu paket harganya Rp 11.000,- juga jadi salah satu favoritku! :D Nah, klo bebek Prambanan aka Ny. Suwarni tuh enaknya beda… karena di sana, selain rasanya enak, juga banyak memorinya… salah satunya, jadi tempat pertama kali aku suka bebek! :p

  3. iya..sebenernya rugi banget. krn di surabaya gudangnya bebek tuh!
    thea kalo ke surabaya cobain deh bebek tugu pahlawan. kata tmn2ku enak banget disitu…

  4. Sas…cobain Bebek Bacem Suwarni…sapa tau kamu jadi suka bebek. Kenapa? Soalnya Wipi ma Indi yang dulunya ga doyan bebek, jadi suka setelah mampir k sana. Tadinya minggu ini mau dinas ke Surabaya Sas, tapi ga jadi:D

  5. Hihihi….sebenernya suka bebek suwarni juga awalnya bukan gara” bebeknya (walopun emang enak), The… tapi gara” dikasih tau ama orang yang tepat, jadi niat mencobanya tinggi. Dan alhasil, suka deh… :p

  6. @ Indi….hmmm siapakah gerangan yang mengajakmu makan di sana???? Aku jadi penasaran:p

    @ ndoro kakung…pantesan suka makan di Bebek Ginyo. Itik Lado Mudo di Bukit Tinggi juga enak, bisa dipesan lagi dan dikirm ke Jakarta:D!! Tertarik???

  7. Oce. siap. ntar gw samperin lu di wismul ya.
    Thea Aq akan pindah ke jakarta bulan Januari ini. berharapnya sih ke HO tapi di regional dulu gpp lah. itung-itung batu loncatan.

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