Earn Living at Jogja; I Wish I Can

Working at a big company at Jakarta indoubtedly offers me many challenges, experiences and benefits at once. Hence, I am so grateful to have this opportunity. Eversince I joined this company two years ago, I have been trying to utilize every opportunity while keeping wishing that I can work at Jogja sometimes. I remember two years ago, I was so reluctant working in this big city. However, destiny brought me here.

I have several considerations why I still insist staying at Jogja and earning living there. First, Jogja is very nice city, less far hectic than Jakarta and friendly. Then, I plan to stay there with a new family and raise children at a city in where you can find schools and universities with good facilities.

Okay, I’m going to marry and manage that within specified time I wish I can be assigned working in Jogja-based office. I know it will be tough. Moreover, now I am appointed to be the new coordinator of two new areas at once. Nevertheless, I never stop wishing. Thank God, my husband to-be understands my position and he agrees to accompany me at Jakarta. Lucky me!!!

Two days ago, I chatted with him, talking about our plan in the future. I told him much about my new job, how good I can adopt with it and how can I cope the difficulties I face. At the end, the topic about job terminated, again, at our future life. Surprisingly he told me…

Hun, it’s all up to you. I will stay with you at Jakarta until you feel okay moving at Jogja and satisfied with your work here.

See..tell me how can’t I say that I couldn’t be luckier. Thanks dear:)

9 thoughts on “Earn Living at Jogja; I Wish I Can

  1. Yup… ke Jogja aja, ntar ngerujak bareng ‘di bawah pohon mangga’, seperti Jack Johnson… :D Jadi inget… pohon manggaku daunnya habis dimakan entah apa… raksasa pencinta lalap, mungkin…

  2. @ Ogi….nggak mboseni…kan ada aku..hwehehehe

    @ Indi..tenang Ndi..kamu dah ta prediksi bakal jadi temen arisanku. Arisan sambil ngrujaak:))

  3. ah, that also happened to many families in Jakarta. Several days ago, i discussed with my coordinator who happens origin from Magelang. He told me that, many people do not really like living in this damn city, and deep in their heart want to come back to their hometown. In fact, they are staying, make a family and raise children here. Why, because people still think financial security is the most important. Currently, he’s living in Bekasi with his two little children and have to leave his home at 6 am in the morning to go to office.

  4. @ Evie…when it comes to financial matters, it’s often people forget on their ultimate purpose of living. I just wish it’s not my main goal:). And hopefully, I am not the one who will stay here for good:D

  5. Huhuhu…you’re sooo lucky to have oh-so-understandable-husband-to-be *ngiri mode: on*
    Anyway, congrate for the new responsibilities you have at the office. Obviously they assigned you to do it because they know exactly that you’re going to do it very well. Way to go The…

  6. hmmm..aq jg mau bgt the hidup dijogja..
    Tp hidup membawaku ke Surabaya :( (ato mungkin nanti ke jakarta :) )
    Jadi kesimpulannya..dah siap bgt ya utk segalanya? ;)

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