Emotional Change

I notice several changes on myself during my three-month pregnancy. I find it’s so funny and silly one time.

Every body knows that I am not a sentimental person. Not easy to cry unless for some extraordinary occasions, such as when I married or seeing my best friends wedding. Other than that exceptional thing, I am not easy to to drop tear. However, it’s different when I am pregnant. I cry easily. I cried once seeing a comedy-family movie played in a channel in our TV cable. My hubby couldn’t believe that I cried on his arm at that time. But he then knew the emotional change happening on me. In usual condition, it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon cry:D. When reading the love story of Ralph Tampubolon and Melissa Karim, again I cried:D

I am not a person I used to be, in the way my hobby watching movie at cinema. Before pregnant, I went to cinema at almost weekend, watching movie with my hubby who’s also a movie freak. The condition is very different now. I prefer a lot staying at home, laying on bed, doing browsing and chatting and also cooking. If bored, I swift to books or mags.

I love a lot staying at home and being only with my hubby rather than going to mall or other place where crowds gather. Enjoying my time with him is priceless, moreover I spend a lot my time at the office during the working days. Therefore, at weekend I cook special food for him. I ask him the menu he wants to eat and I will cook for him.

While pregnant, you can believe how much time I spend only for sleeping in the day. I can sleep almost 3-4 hours in the day, to sum up. Luckily, my hubby does understand my condition. The progesterone  hormone makes my body exhausted easily and drowsy, of course:D.

Then my care and love to my hubby is increasing day by day. I feel so much blessed to have a caring hubby like him. The problem with my pregnancy makes our bound is even tighter and opens my eyes how tremendous his love to me. Many times he said” Ayah loves Bunda. Never ever forget about that, Bun”. Remembering what he said and what he did to me, again makes me burst into tears. I love u too, Ayah:)

5 thoughts on “Emotional Change

  1. Mrs.Thea, as the first i read ur blog about Emotional Change, u know how emotionally touched i am. I’ve been married since Nov 07, and for once being miscarriage.. I wonder how happy ur story is.. I wish it copuld happen to me also soon.. Thanks, nice to join ur blog…

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