Everlasting Power

There’s something I want to share with you, about a moral story I found when watching Stardust yesterday.

The movie is about the struggle of a young man, Tristan, to obtain a stardust and bring it in front of Victoria, her lover. He wishes he can find her heart by bringing the stardust, which turns to be a beautiful-spirited woman, Yvaine. Then, in his journey, Tristan finds many obstacles as it turns out that Yvaine is also sought by a witch, called Lamia.

Lamia is looking for the heart of Yvaine, which is believed will give an eternal beauty for her and her other sisters. Then, Tristan forges his task to save Yvaine from the malignant Lamia.

Once Yvaine asks Tristan if he’s tempted. What Yvaine means tempted is if Tristan is also lured to kill her and eat her heart to get the everlasting life.

Then, I remember how a temptation to be everlasting can trigger humankind to do anything to get it. Let’s see the story of dictators we know. Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-il and many others who were very dare to do crimes against humanity to be the number one. Only them who could be the one.

Let’s hope we won’t have like one of them.

9 thoughts on “Everlasting Power

  1. Iya…..kan kamu belum tau rasanya jadi nomer satu. The most powerful person in this country. People say once one can hold such power, he/she will be prone of thinking of how to make his/her position ever lasting.

  2. Makanya kemarin aku abis beli “What Would Machiavelli Do?”. Tips and tricks to be a Machiavellian… ;p

    Target awal: akuisisi kios buah depan rumahku dengan cara nista… :D

  3. @ Indi…cara nista??? Gimana tuh Ndi?? Trus kalo dah dapet, kasi tau aku yaaa

    @ Bebex…wah sayangnya aku blom nonton film itu. Bagus ya Bex? Coba besok cari DVD nya. Thanks anyway

  4. Cara nista tuh banyak, The… yang perlu dilakuin tinggal memadukan di antaranya: keberanian, kreativitas, dan banyak-banyak ke’tidak’manusiaan… :p

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