Flood is Everywhere

It’s rainy day!! Hallelujah!!!

Rainy season in Jakarta means flood season. Again, big floods paralyze the capital of Indonesia. It’s like annual sickness that infects this big city every year. It’s actually a classic problem, yet the solution to overcome this seems so far to discover.

Like now, vast floods are everywhere with varied heights. The heavy rains which have been starting since last night continue pouring. Honestly speaking, I like this rainy season as the weather isn’t as hot as usual. However, there are many people in certain enclaves are afraid of the coming rainy season as it means that floods are threatening them. Just like last night, I couldn’t sleep until midnight because I was afraid that my area would be one of those flooded areas. Luckily it doesn’t happen. The drainage system in my area can be said one of the well-managed in Jakarta.

As reported in media, the flood continues spreading. Yet, it hasn’t claimed any casualty so far (let’s pray it won’t). Due to this flood, heavy traffic jams are occurring everywhere. Even, some of toll roads become inaccessible. In Kampung Melayu district, about 3000 residents are fleeing to the safer place like school. I watched on TV this morning and found out that their condition is terrible. Lack of dried clothes and meals for children become main issues. It’s worried that windfall effect such as disease will arise.

Hopefully, this won’t be longer. It’s our mutual responsibility to make the city where we live better. It’s true that government is the party who’s responsible on this problem. However, as residents, we have to involve ourselves in contributing efforts to prevent such condition from happening in the future. It’s simple such as not littering in river or public areas or keeping the green areas.

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