Friendship and Memorable Moments

Within two weeks ahead, my best friend, Wipi, is going to marry with Arief. Arief is also my friend at college. I just don’t realize that the marriage is getting closer and closer. One of my best friend will soon say good bye to the single life.

Last year I had Yanti and Titi left us alone in single-happy-woman world. One year before Yanti and Titi, Mira got marry at Denpasar, which unfortunately I couldn’t be there witnessing their long-life promise.

Last week, I met several friends at Mayang and Janu’s wedding in Solo. Unexpectedly, many friends were there. Even Ester Dina, who’s currently working at Banda Aceh, was there. Life is changing. Post-college life gives another color to us. It’s really prominent. Some of them gain weight and others remain same or even slimmer. The conversation was around job and working life. No more conversation about cold war, diplomacy, economy and politic in Japan, and many more. We left those topics and now are facing job-related issues.

It has been two or three years ago, we had a lovely life at college. Now, we are working, though some of us are still strugling with thesis. Sometimes, I missed to be around them, to be in environment used to be near with me. Last occasion really brought me many memories. Next month, on the early week of April, I will take my friends walking through the aisle to reach their future life. I wish you all happiness, Sista:)

5 thoughts on “Friendship and Memorable Moments

  1. @ Sasti….makasih ya Sas. Semoga lancar karna banyak yg mendoakan:)

    @Okky…..Penasaran ya? Sampe tadi malam YM akuw:P.
    Setuju banget sama kamu Ky, kita tidak akan pernah tahu kita sedang membuat kenangan. Oleh karena itu, sebisa mungkin kita menghargai positif semua kejadian dalam hidup kita, bahkan pengalaman tersedih atau memalukan sekalipun:)

  2. @ Dina…yes Dina..hopefully ten years ahead, I’ll be staying at Jogja and we can go “arisan bareng” and talking about our lovely children:))

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