Greater than Life

I’ve been through many wonderful things, but what I experienced a week ago is definitely the most lovable one. I had my wedding, one thing I was dreaming about in my mid-twenty:)

The moment was very extraordinary, it’s beautiful, touching, lovable and many other words I couldn’t express.

I should thank to many people who helped me and my husband to make it. Our wedding was finally realized, and  thank to God everything was running smoothly as planned.

Despite the exhausted condition left to us, we’re very glad to know our guest enjoyed the wedding and food. Within two hours, we stood, shook hand and of course smile…’s really tiring you know:p

After having the five-day honeymoon, now we are back to Jakarta, starting to work again. And of course, now we live at our lovely house (to be honest, it’s still messed up:D).

How it feels to have a husband? It is great and wonderful. I have someone to hold, to share things, happiness and problem. Seeing him beside me when I wake up is so amazing. I just love the moment I spend with him, my lifetime partner and I will take every moment of me with him.

Hhhmm…tonight, we will discuss about our financial road map. Dear, with you, I just want to pursue simple dreams as you are greater than life for me:)

6 thoughts on “Greater than Life

  1. aiiihhh

    pengantin baru iniiiii..

    kalo 10 taun kedepan kayak apa coba hwhwhwhwhwee..

    hepi wedding the..

    jana mendaki masih terbentang ke depan..


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