Happiness only Real when Shared

I am happy….

Because I can share my experience on parenting with my friends who just entered their new motherhood life. We discuss about rational use of medicine, on how conducting home treatment for kiddos, on what illness that can be cured without medicine, on how to stimulate toddler to walk, on teaching them how to brush their teeth, on how face picky-eating kiddos.

I am happy..

As I can share my home-made food recipe for kiddos. Yeah, I love to modify with the recipes. And I can’t be happier if I my friends can try it too and their kids love it. I was also a winner in recipe creation competition powered by a mailing list where I am a member.

I am happy…

For now I can employ some people and they are so dedicated. I am glad that I all of them are now economically empowered. One of my employees now is attending college. She takes the weekend class. My hubby and I support her as we see that she has a potential to be a leader in whatever she does. It seems that the virus disseminating to other staff. Hopefully another staff will soon attend night-class college:)

I am happy….

Since I have a happy small family. A growing-healthy-chubby-smart son and a supportive-hilarious-caring husband really make my life. I am happy as I now I have strong interest in baking. I bake almost every week. The cake I successfully baked were cheese cake, muffin, banana cake, tape (sweet-sour fermented cassava) cake. Today I plan to bake brownies as a companion of our fast breaking. Ssttt…I am looking forward to attending sushi course. Later I will update!

What’s your happiness?

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