Happy Birthday Guruh

Today, my lovely brother is celebrating his 21st birthday.

Four years ago, when I was 21 years old, I already graduated from college and obtained bachelor degree. Guruh hasn’t. Yet he gets a plus point. In his early twenty, He’s already run his own business. In the mid of this year, he plans to continue his study again, back to college he left for almost one year.

Guruh and I @ Bandung

It’s very glad to know that he’s no longer a happy-go-lucky boy. Finally, he found a turning point which made him more mature and wiser conceiving¬† his future.¬† A little bit surprise for us, especially my mom and dad knowing that he’s eager to start business. There was a debate before giving his choice a go.

Once again, happy birthday my only sibling:)

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Guruh

  1. Hi Thea, mudah-mudahan aja di HUT si Guruh, dia nggak diisengin teman-temannya,hehehe…
    Please send my birthday greetings to him (apaan sih?hehehe…)
    Happy Fool’s Day!!

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