happy long weekend.


How was your long-weekend?

I had my long weekend with my husband at Jakarta, not at Jogja this time.

Well, during weekend, we fixed the messy at our home. My husband set the stove and the gas. Sweeping the floor, to mention a few of our activities. After that, we wouldn’t miss the Keju moo Festival at Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan. Many delicious food there. We tried Kebab, Baso Keju and brought home two Martabak Keju Durian (the last one was so full of calorie)

Then on Sunday, I returned to traditional market after being so long not visit it. As a new couple, we needed many things to start up the life. Accompanied by lovely husband, I went to Pasar Minggu which happens not so far from our house at Komplek Hortikultura. Vegetable, ingredients, spice, tofu, tempe and chicken were on my to-buy-list. It’s for the first time I went to the traditional market at Jakarta. I think it’s not really different with those at Jogja. I love the condition, the crowd and bargaining process involved in traditional market. Hopefully we can go there once in a week to fulfill our basic need for one week.

I started cooking for me and my husband since Sunday. It’s a little bit difficult to spare time for cooking in my hectic daily activities. Waking up in the morning, usually I prepared simple breakfast for my husband, such as cereal with milk. But for weekend, it’s should be special. No more cereal. I promise to him to cook more often and he does agree with me. Besides healthier, cooking by myself is much friendly to monthly budget. Isn’t it hun???

Next weekend, I am looking forward to more fascinating activities, and of course with my husbandJ

6 thoughts on “happy long weekend.

  1. @ Dina…probably should do?? noway Din, “you have to!!!!”

    @ Sasti…Ga tau niy Sas, pengennya siy sayur lodeh sama ungkep paru:D

    @ Wipi…maapken daku sayang. kmrn itu aku ga tau kalo dikasi temenku satu set kompor beserta gasnya…maaaappppp

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