Happy New Year 2011

2010 almost ends. These recent days were colored by many incidents and moments. Last night we just watched the fight of our soccer team against Malaysia. Despite Indonesia’s winning, we still failed to be entitled the cup due to the goal aggregate. Many days before last night, people were queuing to get the final ticket. Not easy. However, they were more willing to line sneaking to get the ‘passport’. It isn’t sugar coating that the nationalism emerging among us is the best thing to close the year. We share something important. We have this game to show that we’re proud of being an Indonesian. We forget the hurtful moments along 2010. It seems that we’re so optimized with this final game. Putting asides the issue of overexposing, we just want this game for us. And that it is, even the team was failed, we still give our pride on them.

The 2011 is nearly coming. I really learn that 2010 has been running so fast. I remember that a year ago I was waiting to deliver a baby. And next January, he will celebrate his first anniversary. His delivery to the world is the best thing ever happened to me this year. Growing and nurturing him even is much better. Because of him, I dared to take an important decision in my life. Yes, I quit from my nicely-paid job. Starting from September, I became a mompreneur, a mummy who is taking full responsibility of her son and manages a business from home. Resignation, definitely, wasn’t included in my 2010 resolution because early that year I never imagined that I could make this move. I am just happy that I had a courage to do so. My time now is nicely manageable as I can do the business at home while taking care of my son assisted by a nanny. But most of my time is dedicated to him. I can bath him and feed him as often as I want.

I am very optimistic with the next year that I plan many things to achieve. In some targets, I really put my effort because I want to gain the best result.  I can do many things now and that simply makes me satisfied.

Some people love to write down their resolution, whereas some others prefer to leave them alone in mind or letting the year passing by. Well, whatever option that you belong, I’d like to say “happy new year”.

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