Hot Water

My mom always says” Use hot water if you take a bath in the night!” I don’t know why I used to be so lazy preparing hot water for bath every time I went home late at night. If my mother had known about that, she would have been very angry with me. Meanwhile, my frequency of taking bath is quite often. In other words, almost every day I have to do such ritual due to my late activity at the office.

However, things change now. As the rainy season underway, the temperature is getting cool. I don’t have any choice but boiling water for bath. It takes about 10-15 minutes for preparing it. While waiting the water, I watch TV, read book, or do some phone calls.

It turns out that hot water gives me comfort. I feel like that every tiny part of it delivers massaging effect. My body is relaxed and becomes fresh. In addition, I can say goodbye to the temperature which always successfully makes my body chilled.

Now, hot water becomes a-must item for taking a bath in the night. I also think of having an automatic water burner once I have my own home later. Hence no need to boil water anymore as it will always be well-prepared to me every time I want it.


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